Age: 1 month

Sleep: From day one, he's been an amazing sleeper. He didn't cluster feed during the night at all (thank heavens!), and he was having one 5 hour stretch of sleep each night. The past 2 weeks he's had much more of a bedtime routine. Down at 8:30-9, up for a feed at 2-2:30 and back down until 6. Now again he'll add another feed in there, but for the most part he just wakes up once a night. He did have a period where he would be up for hours at a time and would not go back, but luckily he just sucks his soother until he falls back.

Feeding: Just like Calvin, he has tongue tie. Although his is slightly more severe. My nipples are actually in great shape and he latches perfectly, however he randomly will get frustrated, my nipple will slip out now and again, and he spits up immediately after feeding (which are all common signs of tongue tie). He spits up all the time. Luckily he's still gaining weight like a champ though so it's not a worry.

Clothing: Depending on the brand 0-3/3-6 months. We went straight into size one diapers when he was born since we knew he would easily blowout of the newborn size. At our last midwife appointment (last Tuesday), he weighed in at 11lbs 7oz!

Movement: This poor kids hands and arms are really driving him nuts. I love watching newborns trying to figure out how to control them. There are a lot of unintentional hitting the soother out of the mouth which results in tears. He also loves spinning around on the floor. If we place him on the carpet, he'll turn a complete 180 from where he was originally placed.

Likes: (1) His soother. Calvin didn't like soothers until around 5-6 months, but Asher is a little more fussy and needs his soother now and again. Luckily he takes them, while Calvin didn't. (2) Driving in the car, walking in the stroller, any kind of movement. (3) Just wearing a diaper. Because he spits up so much, his clothes get super wet and uncomfy. So when we are home we just leave him naked with a diaper on and he is much more content. (4) Bath time is probably his all time favourite. Both my babies are water babies. (5) Baby wraps. Whenever he gets too fussy and can't be calmed, we immediately put him the wrap and walk around. It calms him instantly every time.

Dislikes: Gas. He gets pretty gassy and uncomfortable regularly which isn't fun.

Other: (1) He has a very strong neck and is constantly lifting his head up when held over the shoulder. Minutes after he was born he was doing it. Even the midwives were pretty impressed. (2) He just started smiling a few days ago! It makes my heart so happy every time he grins and giggles. He's also starting to coo quite a bit too.

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