How far along are you? 35 weeks.

Due date: June 22nd

Sleep: So much better lately! I don't wake up in the night at all, which has been amazing! I do however wake up pretty early with a full bladder. Some days I'm able to go back and get a couple more hours sleep, while other days I just stay up and have some me time before everyone wakes up.

Movement: He rolled over last week which was hilarious. All the movement I was getting for weeks was on the right side, so clear his back was on the left. But the past week all the movement is on the left, and my midwife confirm that his back is now on the right.

Food cravings: This week I had a sudden craving for mini rice cakes in the flavour ranch. I literally ate one full bag in one sitting yesterday.. But hey they're healthy... right? ;)

Favourite moments: This wasn't necessarily a pregnancy moment, but when we pulled into the parking lot of my midwife's office, Calvin said "We're at the midwife's. We're going to listen to baby's heartbeat." I literally melted into a puddle right then and there. Again I don't think toddlers fully understand that a new baby is coming until they arrive, but he's been talking about it more and more lately and I can't wait for him to be a big brother!

Happy or moody? Happy

Looking forward to: Seeing what he looks like. The closer we get, the more excited I am to see if he is going to be a clone of Calvin, look more like Alex's side of the family or be a mixture of family members.

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