Last week was an awful week for our family. If you follow on my other social media platforms, then you know all about the drama involving our cat. Luckily everything is fixed and back to normal, but it was definitely an emotionally and financially draining week. So with that being said, I wasn't exactly in the mood last week so pop out my tripod and take some pictures. I'm pretty sure I missed a couple of weeks when I did bumpdates of Calvin's pregnancy so it's all good ;) 
How far along are you? 34 weeks. (Like how the heck!!??)

Due date: June 22nd

Sleep: Sleep is getting much better, however I have been waking up early in the morning due to my bladder being extremely full. Luckily it's not waking me up in the night, I just wish I could wake up a little more comfortable. But hey, it's to be expected in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Nothing is comfortable.

Movement: His movement has definitely slowed down lately, but I still get a decent amount of kicks every now and again.

Food cravings: I'm really trying to watch my food intake the next few weeks just so I don't explode, but I haven't been craving anything in particular.

Favourite moments: Samwise has been extra cuddly since his week of trips to the vets. It's been so sweet because he literally lays right on top of my belly. He usually gets pretty offended by my disappearing lap, but lately it hasn't been bothering him which is nice :)

Happy or moody? Happy

Looking forward to: Being comfortable again. I'm at the point where all I want to wear is dresses and leggings. This bump is becoming more and more uncomfortable, so hopefully the next few weeks go by quickly.

Other: (1) Since I didn't exactly know what contractions felt like during my last pregnancy, I can't remember if I experienced any contractions at this point last time. Well yesterday I had 2 little baby contractions which made me giggle. We'll see how regular they will be in the future, but I am still pretty confident this baby is going to come late like his brother. (2) My belly button is starting to pop!!!!!! I've always had an "in-y", and it stayed flat during my pregnancy with Calvin, but I noticed a few days ago that it's starting to poke out a little. Not going to lie I got a little excited about it. (3) Another thing I noticed this week that I didn't experience last time is I officially have the swollen pregnant feet. Yay... (sarcasm)

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