How far along are you? 30 weeks.

Due date: June 22nd

Sleep: I've been waking up a couple times a night again, but it hasn't been affecting my overall sleep or energy which is good. I'm still able to go about my day and not get exhausted. I also feel that the Feramax is really making a difference since I can stay up until 10-10:30, while before I was so tired by 8:30.

Movement: Really high kicks lately. Right under the ribs. Along with his feet slowly sliding from one side of my stomach to the other.

Food cravings: Not necessarily a craving, but I have been loving egg salad sandwiches the past couple of weeks.

Favourite moments: I mentioned in an Instagram post a couple days ago that there are a lot of women at church who are currently pregnant. 4 of us our due within a month of each other, and another 2 are expecting in September. I had a similar experience when I was pregnant with Calvin and really loved the community and bond it created for us. I love being able to talk about our pregnancies and hear everyone's individual experience.

Happy or moody? Happy

Looking forward to: This is going to sound weird, but bear with me. The past week or so, I've actually been looking forward to labour. I know, who says that?! I've been reading and watching a lot of birth stories and it made me remember what an incredible experience I had with my first labour. Recovery sucked, and I really hope I don't tear as much or have complications with myself and have to go to the hospital again. But other than that I am really looking forward to seeing what this labour will look like.

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