Well we are officially at the third trimester. The second trimester flew by with this pregnancy, which I'm slightly bummed about since I love the second trimester. My appetite is back, I'm not all swelled up and I'm actually comfortable. Well literally the day I reached 28 weeks, this baby has been riding low and driving me a little nuts! If I am sitting for any period of time longer than 15 minutes, walking around is extremely uncomfortable because his head is hitting so low in my pelvis. Walking in general is fine, so I'm trying to stay on my feet for longer periods, it's if I sit down he seems to sink low and get all comfy. Which causes problems when I get up. 

All that being said I can not believe I only have around 12 more weeks of being pregnant! Time is flying by, and I'm getting more and more excited.
How far along are you? 28 weeks.

Due date: June 22nd

Sleep: During our little Montreal getaway I wasn't sleeping too well, but since being back in my own bed I have slept through every single night uninterrupted and without taking Melatonin.

Movement: He's still doing the weird low pulses, but has also started "burrowing out" slightly.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular, but I am trying to be a little careful with what I eat. When I was pregnant with Calvin I gained the most weight in third trimester, and didn't really eat the best. I just want to make sure I am taking best care of my body and baby, which I hope will lead to a better recovery.

Favourite moments: We celebrated Calvin's 3rd birthday on Tuesday and I asked him when he woke up: "Calvin where did my baby go?" implying that he has grown up so fast. He pointed to my belly and said: "There's the baby!" It was such a sweet moment that made my heart burst.

Happy or moody? Still super happy

Looking forward to: Getting a new bra. I'm in desperate need of a more comfortable, supportive bra. Planning on picking one up real soon ;)

Other: I got some blood test results back and my iron levels were low. Extremely low. Like an average person is supposed to be on a scale of 12-100, and I was a 5. So my midwife recommended Feramax to help pump up my iron levels. I had a feeling my iron was low since I was pretty exhausted during the day and had been taking a few naps. But since taking Feramax, my energy level has been a lot better. I'll be taking another blood test at 32 weeks to see if my levels have improved.

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