I wanted to thank you all for the kind words on my last post. I didn't write it with the intention of receiving compliments, or to depict a "woe is me" attitude. I just wanted to share my feelings and the response I received was just what I needed. The past week I have been a little kinder to my body. I've been blessed with two very healthy pregnancies. Yes I gain weight, but if that weight is the cost for me to bring healthy babies into my life than I wouldn't want it any other way. 
How far along are you? 27 weeks.

Due date: June 22nd

Sleep: Throughout the night it's fine, however I am pretty sleepy by around 1, so I have been taking a couple of naps this week while Calvin is sleeping.

Movement: Baby is definitely developing a sleep pattern. I usually gets movements around the same time of day.

Food cravings: Fritomania just reopened for the season, and it was perfect timing because I have been DYING for some poutine!

Favourite moments: A couple of nights ago I took a nice bubble bath in silence. Baby starting moving around like crazy so I just had a conversation with him. I love moments like this where I slow down, have zero distractions and can take time to get to know our next baby a little better.

Happy or moody? Happy for the most part, however this past week I had weird moments where I just completely lost my cool for no reason. Got to love those pregnancy hormones that appear out of nowhere.

Looking forward to: Alex and I are headed to Montreal this weekend and we can not wait!!!



I know I missed a week, but I was having a pretty rough week. I've been struggling with confidence lately and have been hating what I see in the mirror, which really sucks since I loved being pregnant last time. This time around I'm getting little anxieties here and there about recovery. I just really don't want to experience the lack of self confidence I had after having Calvin. It took me 18 months until I started to feel good in my skin again, and I'm horrified it's going to happen again. So needless to say I was not in the mood to take pictures of myself. However I am feeling a little better, and am taking it a day at a time, and trying to remember the beauty and creation that is taking place in my body. Now that I've spilt a little bit of my heart and soul, let's get to the bumpdate.
How far along are you? 26 weeks.

Due date: June 22nd

Sleep: Every week just keeps getting better and better. I'm going to be going off of Melatonin soon to see if my body can sleep better on it's own.


Food cravings: Jam on toast, and gum (which is not food, but when I am not eating, I constantly have a piece in my mouth!)

Favourite moments: (1) Alex and I are 95% sure we found a name, which is super exciting. We don't want to say we definitely know just because we like meeting them first before deciding, but we both really love the name we found. It was kind of a funny story how we came across it actually. I was thinking about it on a Saturday but didn't mention it to Alex, but the next day we said to me out of the blue: "What do you think of ... for a name?". I was shocked and immediately told him I loved it and was thinking about it the day before. We've had a list for a while but we didn't love anything on our list until now! (2) Calvin has been talking about the baby in mommy's tummy lately and it melts my heart. He's still not fully aware what is going on, but he is at least acknowledging that there is a baby.

Happy or moody? Apart from the body anxiety I mentioned above, I am really happy

Looking forward to: I get to have another ultrasound next week, which I always love. At my last appointment, my midwife said I was measuring closer to 29 weeks instead of 25. It's common that sometimes the measuring is off, but she just wants to be safe. Fingers crossed we are still at 26 weeks, because there is still so much I want to get done before this baby comes!

Other: Nesting has officially started and I love it! I completely reorganized our main level closet and am keen to get our master closet and storage room done in the next few days.



How far along are you? 24 weeks.

Due date: June 22nd

Sleep: I am so happy that my sleep keeps improving week to week. I am so much more rested and less moody, which we are all pretty happy about. Crabby pregnant Bekah isn't the best version of me.

Movement: Still moving like crazy. Calvin has been sick for the past week and has been super cuddly, which baby has been too impressed with. He is constantly kicking Calvin as he is cuddled against me. The struggle between these two has begun ;)

Food cravings: Grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't remember my cravings changing from week to week with Calvin but this pregnancy baby keeps changing his mind.

Favourite moments: I've been having conversations with Calvin about him becoming a big brother and us having another baby soon. He's still relatively clueless about the whole situation, but now and again he'll show some excitement and point to my belly saying "baby".

Happy or moody? Happy happy! However my hormones are a little everywhere. The littlest thing will set me off crying.

Looking forward to: Alex and I just booked our baby moon in Montreal and I can not wait to get away for a weekend!



How far along are you? 23 weeks.

Due date: June 22nd

Sleep: Much, much better this week (thank you Melatonin). I only wake up once a night and it's maybe for a couple minutes, so I am finally getting some good nights sleep!

Movement: This boy has been moving like crazy this week. Everyday, multiple times a day, he's just rolling around and I love it.

Food cravings: Egg salad sandwiches and Life cereal

Favourite moments: We found out this past Friday that we are having another boy!! When Alex and I were newly married, I remember mentioning that I wouldn't be surprised if I would be a mom of all boys. Now we still plan on one having one more baby after this one, so time will tell whether we will have a girl or not. I just can't wait for Calvin to have a brother. We would have been happy either way, but I am so excited about bringing another boy into this family!

Happy or moody? Now that my sleep has improved, I have definitely become much more pleasant to be around. So happy for sure right now.

Looking forward to: I'm starting to nest, which is one my favourite phases of pregnancy. I want to get everything little organized and am so motivated to do it. We moved into this house last February and for the most part everything is done the way I want, except for the "unseen" spaces. All of our upstairs closets, main closet and storage room need a major organization and I am pumped to just get it done. It also helps that it's happening right when I tend to do my spring cleaning, so I'm ready to de-clutter!!

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