The Instagram game

I've always been drawn to photography so I love how Instagram is a photo driven social media outlet. I actually use it more than Facebook, since it doesn't have as much of a political agenda or over-sharing of badly researched articles. There is nothing wrong with taking a little time here and there to get inspiration, and get little updates from friends. My problem with it lies in the fact that there are some days where I am scrolling just to scroll and I end up entering the hard to break cycle of comparing myself to the aesthetically pleasing, planned out squares. We begin to transition from using a filter on our photos, to actually putting a filter on our lives.

A few weeks ago I setup an Instagram account for my blog. In the past I had a private personal account and posted about anything and everything. I still use my personal account regularly to post about family updates and what not, but I primarily use my blog account. Since it is a public account I've been delving into the world of hashtags and networking. And I've got some not so nice to things to say about the "numbers game" of Instagram.

On almost every single photo I post I'll get quite a few generic and non genuine comments. You know the kind, where they just post an emoji or say something like "nice photo", when it was a quote found on Pinterest and credited in the caption. Most of the time these comments are from people that have thousands and thousands of followers or brands who stumbled upon my feed because of a hashtag I used. Don't get me wrong, I love networking and making connections with people through social media, however I'm not going to play along in the whole, I commented on your photo, comment on mine game. I only follow feeds, comment and like photos that I genuinely like.

I get at least 5-10 new followers daily who literally just follow my feed, for follow backs. I can not tell you the amount of times that someone with 10,000+ followers follows my feed, doesn't like or comment on anything, and within 2 days unfollows. I go back and forth between loving Instagram to really hating it. What makes me so annoyed is that social media convinces you that it is an absolute essential in your life. That we would somehow all die without it, when in reality, we'd probably be much better off. With all this being said I'm still keeping my accounts active, however I've decided to limit my time on my phone. I don't mind taking a look here and there, I'm just sick of being bombarded with photos and people who are just in it for $$.

I hate how everything has become a numbers game, and less about connections. I've actually gotten pretty good at telling the difference between what is real and what is bait, and I'm not bitting.


  1. I know what you mean. It's something that unfortunately just comes with the territory though, and you learn to just live with it. If only people were always as genuine as they make themselves out to be on social media.

    Kristi Beth | <a href="http://beloverly.com>Be Loverly</a>

    1. It's sad that it has become the norm though. Blogging and social media used to be so much more fun! Sometimes I miss the good old blogging days ;)

  2. I feel you girl! I have been the same way with instagam lately I lose followers daily because I dont "follow back" I dont think in this instagram world we should be "fake" I only follow someone because I feel connected to them or I really like their content its a very creative outlet for me. & it sucks its becoming something only with numbers like you had said. I agree on more genuine connections with other people. :) <3



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