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A couple weeks ago my church held it's semi-annual General Conference. I always look forward to this weekend. I get inspired and motivated by the talks given. I like to take time before hand to ponder what I want to learn, what I need to change in order to grow and I got my answer loud and clear. It pretty much goes hand in hand with what my previous post was about. I need to take a step back from screen time. 

We live in an amazing time where it is so easy to stay connected with people from all over the world, but it also becomes the biggest distraction. Being so connected all the time can give the opposite effect with those we spend everyday with. As I was listening to the talks I felt prompted to keep my phone on a shelf when Calvin is awake. Don't get me wrong, I love being with him, but a lot of the time I would be on my phone while he played by himself. Instead of getting on the ground with him, I would be disconnected.

In just one week I've already noticed a difference. We're able to communicate better and our days are so much. Some days are a little harder, but honestly I forget them as soon as he does something silly or sweet. I mean just look at that cute face! His newest obsession is wearing Mr Potato Head's glasses, and it kills me!

I'm sure this post feels a little all over the place but I just needed to get these thoughts out, as well as upload these stinking adorable photos of Calvin!!!

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