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I hate to admit it but I am a nail bitter. If I don't have anything on my nails they're usually pretty short and grubby looking. That it why I prefer to have my nails done. Now is a good time to say I am in no means a pro when it comes to doing my nails. It's definitely a skill I don't excel at, however I have discovered certain tools and products over the years that help my nails look more put together. 

So today I thought I would share with you all my favourite products that help me achieve an at-home manicure.

PedEgg Bare Nails
This electric nail buffer is hands down my favourite nail tool I have ever used! I've owned so many nail buffers throughout the years, and I'm constantly loosing them. I also hate how long it takes to buff your nails with a regular one. With the PedEgg it takes me a couple minutes to do both hands. The only downside with this buffer is because it's spins so fast, you need to only keep in on your nail for a couple seconds. I accidentally held it on my pinky too long and it slightly burned and dented my nail. Luckily I noticed before it got too severe.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover
I've been using this stuff for years and I swear by it! My cuticles are pretty tough and hard to push back, but when I use this remover, it's a much more gentle and easy process.

Orang Stick
This is the perfect tool for pushing your cuticles back with.
Jamberry Nail Wraps
I have recently become obsessed with nail wraps!! Now applying them is super tricky and does take a lot of time and patience. I prefer wearing them when my nails are longer since it makes the whole process a lot easier. I just love how long they stay on my nails and all the cute patterns. I'm still a nail polish girl at heart, but I want something a little more fun I'll add some patterned wraps to my nails.

Essence Gel Look Top Coat
I've used a lot of top coats over the years (OPI, Essie, Revlon, China Glaze), but this is by far my favourite!! I'm pretty hard on my nails so a manicure usually starts to chip on the 4th day. With this top coat I can wear it for a week before it even starts to chip. I will never use any other top coat ever again. I should probably mention that it is only $3!!!!

And that pretty much sums up what I use to get an affordable, at home manicure. What are your favourite nail products?

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