I'm going to be very frank: I despise swimsuit shopping. Always have, always will. And there are multiple reasons why:

1. My glorious F cups. 
This is definitely the most annoying thing ever! I look at a swim suit on the hanger and think: "CUTE!" then I go to try it on and I am full on busting out (no pun intended...). I'm sure a lot of you are you saying: "I wish I had that problem!", but trust me, you don't. It's sort, kind of the worst thing ever...

2. $$$
Why is it that swimwear is SO over the top expensive!!!!!!!!! There are so many adorable styles and brands (I'm looking at you Albionfit and Kortni Jeane), but they have a pretty big price tag, especially when you exchange it from US to Canadian. Curse you exchange rate, curse you.

3. I'm picky.
Every year I have an image in my mind of what type of style I'm looking for. I'll usually find something that has a couple aspects that are bang on what I'm looking for, but not the whole package. And if I'm going to be investing, I want it to be exact!

I could go on and on and on. Long story short, I just don't like it. Enter Rosegal. I could literally spend hours browsing through their adorable swimwear collection! Now to give you a warning, they do carry a lot of swimwear that is uh, not my thing (more like Kim K style which is just not me, ever.), but you can find some adorable suits that are SUPER cheap!!!! When I saw this one I started getting heart palpitations.

I've been looking for a peplum style tankini that was budget friendly, so I was uber exciting when I stumbled across it! I was a little worried that the top wouldn't give me support, but it actually has a built in bra that keeps me lifted! HALLELUJAH! So thank you Rosegal for making this year's swimsuit shopping experience a successful one!!!

I actually ordered a couple more suits that I will be sharing later this week!! Guys I found one that is a dupe for an Albionfit swimsuits!!! Eeeek! So yeah, I'm excited for summer! ;)


  1. I just bought two swimmies and a shirt from here! I had to size up like crazy but I'm excited. I love when you share your finds! Keep doing it! I hate swim shopping because I'm not about to spend 100-200 bucks on a swimsuit when I go swimming like a few times per summer.

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally just realized I bought a suit from them a few years ago and I still have it! I could never remember the website I got it from but this is totally it! I have to share with everyone I know now. That suit has been kicking for years!


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