Plants are friends, and friends are plants.

I've always been a big fan of fake plants. Like number one fan, kind of fan. Every time I try to keep a plant going (even those sinking cute succulents), they die on me. I'll be doing everything right and it still never works out in my favour....or their favour either I guess? So I now stick to what I know works for me, and that is my fake plants. They're dependable, they last forever, and all I have to do to take care of them is dust them now and again. I mean that's pretty awesome and requires very little effort on my part. 

I had a little epiphany today: I like my friendships to be like my fake plants. Not that they are fake (far from it actually), but that they don't die out on me. As it is normal in life, I have had so many friends come and go. Some for specific reasons, some for reasons I still to this day have no idea why, and some because we just lost touch through the years. But it's the friends that I can go months, even years of no contact and still be able to feel connected with that I cherish the most. I know that they will always be in my life, and I know we don't constantly need to be talking in order for me to feel their love and support. 

Some friendships don't require a lot of work to make work. They just need a little dusting now and again.

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