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I am fully aware that it is still winter, but I am still counting down the days to warmer weather. Our new house actually has a community pool and we are SO excited for this summer! I've always been a water baby, so you can count on Calvin and I pretty much living at the pool while Alex is at work! It was pretty much my childhood dream to have a pool, so now that we finally have one, I'm kind of freaking out! 
When I saw this swimsuit I knew immediately that I needed to have it! I'm not one for colour, my wardrobe is pretty minimal and neutral, but when it comes to swimsuits I love anything floral and colourful! I mentioned this is my last post, but Rosegal has SO many cute, affordable swimsuits right now!!!! If you are looking for a new a suit, you need to check them out!


  1. What the WHAT?! $16.00? That's a steal! I think I need one. Thanks for sharing! And I am jealous about the pool! I'm a water baby, too!

  2. I've read terrible reviews for this site about sizing and time for shipping. What was your experience for both? It seems too good to be true! Haha

    1. It is a Chinese company so the sizing is WAY off. But every single item on the site has measurements so I always double check and measure myself. I am anywhere from a M-XXL depending on the item. The quality isn't amazing, some stuff is definitely more cheaply made. But their swimwear is the same quality as F21 so it's not bad at all :)


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