Bite Beauty Lip Pencil Review

I was so excited when I found out I would be receiving a beauty voxbox from Influenster Canada. I had been sent pull-ups to review, but nothing beauty related. If you've never heard of Influenster, you need to go sign up now! Depending on your social media impact you get sent product for free in exchange for reviewing them. I mean who doesn't love free products? 

The VoxBox I received was from Bite Beauty. When I first opened the box I was a tad disappointed to see that the 2 lipsticks (Honeycomb, and Whiskey) were super tiny. I'm talking itty bitty, sample sized. At the end of the day all the products were free, but I was expecting a little more. As I continued unboxing, however, I realized that the product that was being highlighted was their new lip pencils. Included in the box were 2 full sized colours (020 which is a nude and 044 which is a chocolaty/purple). I also got pretty excited to see that they added a Sephora liner sharpener. I've been meaning to buy one for ages now since I've had the same one since high school! So overall I was very impressed by this box as a whole!
Their lip pencils have been reformulated and claim to have a weightless, creamy consistency so I couldn't wait to test them out! Now let's get on to the review. 

- They weren't kidding when they use the term creamy! Because of this the application is so smooth and unlike any lip liner I have ever used before. I usually feel like I am tugging and pulling on my lips. I also found it to be very hydrating which was a pleasant surprise.
- The coverage and pigmentation of these lip pencils are amazing! I did the lightest layer and was able to cover my pinky hued lips no problem. This also allows you to wear them without topping with a lipstick.
- Now this may be weird for some of you, but the lipstick smells so good!!! They have a very subtle lemony scent that is so pretty!
- The colour selection is unbelievable. There is a definitely a colour for everyone. Whether you prefer nudes or something a little daring they've got you covered. 

- This may be because I am so used to wearing LipSense now, but I found these products to feel a little too heavy on my lips. They were definitely noticeable and don't have a weightless formula that they claim to have. 
- Again because I'm a LipSense addict, the lasting power of these lipsticks just don't cut it for me.

Although I exclusively wear LipSense, I've decided to keep these lip pencils and lipsticks because I absolutely love the colours. For those days when I don't necessarily need to have a lip colour on all day, I'll reach for them now and again. I highly recommend them if you're looking for something with great colour range, and hydrating on the lips. 

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster Canada for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own. #TheLipPencil #Influenster

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