This is probably one the scariest things I've ever done. I was thinking of just doing another flat lay displaying this swimsuit, but then I stumbled across this post by the lovely Connie Hackett. I was so inspired that I decided to do something that scared the crap out of me. Upload photos to my blog of me wearing a swimsuit. I'm pretty sure I've never posted photos on my blog of me in a swimsuit, I really have no idea why. I mean if I can wear a swimsuit on the beach, why should I be scared to post photos online?

Social media is chuck FULL of girls that don't look like me. That doesn't mean they aren't beautiful, or that I am less or more beautiful than they are, but it's hard scrolling through your feed and constantly being reminded that your disproportionate body is never going to look like that.

When I took these photos I decided to do a little experiment: look at the them as if I were looking at a complete stranger. I was amazed at what I didn't see.

I didn't see a pasty girl who could use a good self tanner.
I didn't see legs that were covered in veins and cellulite.
I didn't see chubby arms.
I didn't see a girl who needed to loose a few pound in order to look good in a swimsuit.

Instead I saw a girl who looked happy and beautiful. Going forward I've decided to look at every picture of me as if I were looking at a stranger. I challenge you to do the same. You'd be surprised at how kinder you would be.


  1. You are a beautiful girl inside and out!

  2. Go girl! You look great, and I love the swimsuit. This is the kind of positivity we need online - I really liked Connie's post that you linked too xx


  3. You look amazing! Go you! Love that swimmie.


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