It's starting to get real for me. My baby is no longer a baby. I decided to stop doing monthly updates once he hit a year, but I thought I would go through some random things he's been doing recently that I can't get enough of!

This child loves to dance. He is constantly dancing away. His current favourite song is "Raise Your Glass" (Warbler version, which is the best since I love Darren Criss!

We bought him some new shoes on Tuesday and he cries every time we take them off. So he pretty much wears his shoes all day, everyday. He also likes to stop whatever he is doing randomly and say "new shoes!" 

He's discover the never ending fun of playing with the rubbermaid cupboard. My cupboards are constantly being reorganized!

He refers to the TV as "football" and demands we watch America's Game (documentary on Super Bowl winning teams) daily. 

Speaking of football, this boy loves passing a football back and forth down the stairs to either Alex or I. 

We started introducing "chores" so he can learn to help out. His include "sweeping" the floors and feeding Samwise. He loves it, so we're trying to encourage an attitude of house chores being fun. Luckily so far it's working!

Every morning after breakfast he likes going upstairs and choosing his clothes for the day. Whenever his football shirt is clean he immediately picks it out!

His favourite songs to sing are: Once there was a snowman, Book of Mormon stories, Popcorn popping, and The wise man/foolish man song. His version of the actions are hilarious! 

He's due for another haircut, but I just love his golden locks! Part of me wants him to have long curly hair. It's just too dang cute!

His new favourite word is "daddeeeee!" And yes with Es, not a Y. He is constantly yelling for daddy!

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