Before you read about what this post is really about, I needed to do a quick shoutout for the blouse I am wearing. The bows on the wrist are so stinking cute!!! Hop on over to Rosegal for more cute blouses for such a good price!
It's weird how the older I get, the less of a big deal New Year's Eve is to me. I have never considered myself to be a partier, or even social, but I would still do a little something to celebrate New Year's. Although now that I think about it, most of my New Year's were spent watching the 6-part Pride and Prejudice with my parents while eating Chinese food. So I guess I've never really a been a New Year's person, but at least the night would end with a countdown, and watching the ball drop in NYC. 

Last night was pretty much an average night in our home. We gave Calvin a bath, put him to bed at 7pm, ate some frozen pizza while watching X-Men 3 (still think it's the worst Marvel movie ever. Then again I've never seen the Hulk..), then went to bed at 12:03. Nothing special, except the people I spent it with! I may not be the best at celebrating the New Year, but I always love taking some time to think of the past year and do a personal review on me. To look back and see where I can improve.
I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but I really feel that I've grown more than I ever have this year. Controlling my reactions has always been a struggle for me. I'm a very passionate person, so I feel everything to the extremes. So when I get hurt, I completely fall apart. And when I'm mad, I'm furious. Quite a few things happened this year that would have sent me off the deep end if they had happened a few years previously. One situation in particular was so hard for me. I lost the closest friend I ever had out of her own choice. It's still painful, and I miss her horribly, but I am so surprised to say that I have no feelings of anger or hate towards her. I'm so over the "drama" and "holding a grudge" phase of my life. It's so refreshing to not be clinging to feelings of bitterness. They always say wisdom comes with age, so I'm going to give all the credit to my age. I'm still nowhere near perfect, but I'm so glad that this year I was able to react in ways that were not like me. Ways that surprised me. 

I was watching one of my favourite Youtuber the other day and she said something that really hit home to me. She was talking about how important it is to learn to love yourself. It's the longest relationship you will ever have. Boom, mind blown. But seriously though if you think about it, who else to you spend every single second of every single day with? Yourself. You'r constantly in your own thoughts, in your own skin, being you. The older I get, the more I am starting to love myself. Love who I am becoming. Every year gets better. So naturally, I can not wait for 2017!

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  1. Thank you for the link to that website! They have some way cute clothes, and I love that top you are wearing. Glad 2016 was such a great growing year for you. Here's to a new year!


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