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Grey Tunic: Gamiss, Pants: Joe Fresh

Over the past few months I've noticed a shift in my wardrobe. I started re-evulating my style at the beginning of this year. I found that when I looked at my wardrobe I had a lot of pieces, but very few that I actually loved. I'm a huge sucker for sales, and had so many pieces that I bought on impulse instead of genuinely liking. So I did a purge and tried to be more minimal. I wanted my closet to reflect me. I wanted pieces that I could feel comfortable and beautiful in. 

As a women I find it is so easy for us to get caught up in trends and trying to dress like someone else (I was guilty of this for years!), instead of focusing on styles that feel like ourselves. 

So how would I sum my style?

Simple, relaxed, classic, neutral, Bekah. 



Blouse: Gamiss

And the living is easy. 

The past couple of weeks have been a dream! Alex has been working days so we've been able to enjoy evenings together as a family. Library trips, walks, swimming in our pool and just taking it easy. I'm trying to savour every moment. With Alex starting school again in September, I know the next year is going to be crazy. It's only a year, but it is definitely going to be a hectic one. If only summer days could last all year round.


White Hydrangeas

This past week, Alex and I spent some time in Syracuse to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. It was nice to take a step back from everyday life and recharge. As we pulled up to our hotel, we noticed a pleasant surprise. The property was full of white hydrangea bushes. The very same flowers that were used for my wedding bouquet. 

It was such a sweet touch that added to an already amazing getaway. 


Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara Review

Well hello, hello. Long time no blog! I know I said I was taking a break, but there are a few reviews/life updates I want to blog about so here we are :) 

Today I'm talking all about Revlon's new mascara: Mega Multiplier. I was so excited when I got the email from Influenster saying I would be receiving one to test out. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a mascara junkie! I am constantly trying new mascaras hoping to find the next best thing. I have never tried Revlon mascara so I was glad to be given the opportunity to try it out!


Reading, reading, reading

White dress from Rosegal

Have you ever read a book, enjoyed the writing, but not feel anything toward the characters? That's kind of how I feel after reading the book above. Jennifer Niven is such a talented writer, I couldn't put this book down, and yet when I was done, it left me wanting. I don't quite know what it was, the story was just meh. I loved the idea of it, but nothing really felt memorable to me.

On to the next library book I guess! If you have any recommendations please leave them below. Summer always gets me in the reading mood so I would love it if you have any suggestions to add to my reading list :) 


Life Lately

Floral dress from Rosegal

Life has been so good as of late. This time of year always gets me motivated. Motivated to read more. Motivated to eat more and healthy and work out more. Motivated to meal prep. Motivated to have less screen time and be outdoors more. Motivated to keep our house clean. I can feel myself literally coming alive, and I love it!


Keeping it simple

White Dress: Rosegal 

The past few months I've gone through a drastic overhaul of my beauty routine. As much as I still love makeup, I've been drawn to products that are lighter in coverage, and faster to apply. What used to take me 20 minutes now takes me 3-5 minutes every morning. The older Calvin gets, the more time I would rather be spending being present with him, than doing other things. What I've come to realize is that the more simple my style is, the more I feel like me. 


Take a break

I'm sorry I've been a little absent on here lately. I've really been drawn to physically writing my thoughts on paper, instead of on a laptop. This blog has always been a space that I get to decide the schedule and flow of. You may see a post here and there, but for now I need a little break :) 


Currently loving

cardigan: Zaful, hat: Zaful, top: Old Navy, boots: Old Navy

 + Harry Styles new single. Do yourself a favour and go listen to it. I'm obsessed.

+ If you follow me on Instagram then you will already know that I tried at home lash extensions and so far I'm really impressed! I'm planning on doing a post dedicated to my experience along with some tips. Let me know if that is something that interests you :)


At home manicure

I hate to admit it but I am a nail bitter. If I don't have anything on my nails they're usually pretty short and grubby looking. That it why I prefer to have my nails done. Now is a good time to say I am in no means a pro when it comes to doing my nails. It's definitely a skill I don't excel at, however I have discovered certain tools and products over the years that help my nails look more put together. 

So today I thought I would share with you all my favourite products that help me achieve an at-home manicure.


Disconnect to connect

Top: Zaful 

A couple weeks ago my church held it's semi-annual General Conference. I always look forward to this weekend. I get inspired and motivated by the talks given. I like to take time before hand to ponder what I want to learn, what I need to change in order to grow and I got my answer loud and clear. It pretty much goes hand in hand with what my previous post was about. I need to take a step back from screen time. 


The Instagram game

I've always been drawn to photography so I love how Instagram is a photo driven social media outlet. I actually use it more than Facebook, since it doesn't have as much of a political agenda or over-sharing of badly researched articles. There is nothing wrong with taking a little time here and there to get inspiration, and get little updates from friends. My problem with it lies in the fact that there are some days where I am scrolling just to scroll and I end up entering the hard to break cycle of comparing myself to the aesthetically pleasing, planned out squares. We begin to transition from using a filter on our photos, to actually putting a filter on our lives.

A few weeks ago I setup an Instagram account for my blog. In the past I had a private personal account and posted about anything and everything. I still use my personal account regularly to post about family updates and what not, but I primarily use my blog account. Since it is a public account I've been delving into the world of hashtags and networking. And I've got some not so nice to things to say about the "numbers game" of Instagram.

On almost every single photo I post I'll get quite a few generic and non genuine comments. You know the kind, where they just post an emoji or say something like "nice photo", when it was a quote found on Pinterest and credited in the caption. Most of the time these comments are from people that have thousands and thousands of followers or brands who stumbled upon my feed because of a hashtag I used. Don't get me wrong, I love networking and making connections with people through social media, however I'm not going to play along in the whole, I commented on your photo, comment on mine game. I only follow feeds, comment and like photos that I genuinely like.

I get at least 5-10 new followers daily who literally just follow my feed, for follow backs. I can not tell you the amount of times that someone with 10,000+ followers follows my feed, doesn't like or comment on anything, and within 2 days unfollows. I go back and forth between loving Instagram to really hating it. What makes me so annoyed is that social media convinces you that it is an absolute essential in your life. That we would somehow all die without it, when in reality, we'd probably be much better off. With all this being said I'm still keeping my accounts active, however I've decided to limit my time on my phone. I don't mind taking a look here and there, I'm just sick of being bombarded with photos and people who are just in it for $$.

I hate how everything has become a numbers game, and less about connections. I've actually gotten pretty good at telling the difference between what is real and what is bait, and I'm not bitting.


2 years

Today Calvin turns 2. Even though quite some time has past, I remember those first few weeks with him so vividly. Almost as if they were yesterday. My emotions were everywhere, my body was battered, and I was exhausted. And yet I was filled with this immense amount of love for him. The first 24 hours were such a whirlwind of complications with myself, but once we got home it's like everything started to feel normal. He fit into our family so perfectly that I couldn't imagine life without him.

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet boy.


Plants are friends, and friends are plants.

I've always been a big fan of fake plants. Like number one fan, kind of fan. Every time I try to keep a plant going (even those sinking cute succulents), they die on me. I'll be doing everything right and it still never works out in my favour....or their favour either I guess? So I now stick to what I know works for me, and that is my fake plants. They're dependable, they last forever, and all I have to do to take care of them is dust them now and again. I mean that's pretty awesome and requires very little effort on my part. 



Back in January I blogged about how I wanted my word for 2017 to be simplicity. One of the main areas I wanted to focus on was my makeup collection. As much as I love makeup, I realized that I had way too much. I've slowly been downsizing and keeping products that are actually good for my skin and don't make me feel like I am hiding behind layers of unnecessary product. 

Back in high school and university I used to wear so much makeup! When I look back at pictures I cringe at how much I didn't look like me. The older I get, the more I understand the phrase: less is more. When it comes to my beauty routine, I couldn't agree more. 


DIY mudcloth pillow

For months I have been drooling over mudcloth pillow cases. The only problem is that they are super expensive, which is understandable since they are imported from Africa. Eventually I would love a genuine one since Africa holds a special place in my husband's heart, but for now I decided to make my own. This diy is my kind of diy for two reasons: (1) cheap, and (2) easy. 

I was so impressed with how my first one turned out, I decided to make another one and share the steps I took so you can make your own too!


Monthly Favourites | February 2017

I thought it was about time that I uploaded my February Favourites! I know it's almost April, but to be fair I did film and edit this video 2 weeks ago. There's just been a lot of sickness in our family and I lost track of time! With all being said, it is finally up!! What products have you been loving this month?


Bite Beauty Lip Pencil Review

I was so excited when I found out I would be receiving a beauty voxbox from Influenster Canada. I had been sent pull-ups to review, but nothing beauty related. If you've never heard of Influenster, you need to go sign up now! Depending on your social media impact you get sent product for free in exchange for reviewing them. I mean who doesn't love free products? 


Swing, swing

Dress from Gamiss

When swing dresses became super popular last year I was a little worried that they wouldn't be flattering on me. So I passed on buying one. Then when I found this dress a couple weeks ago on Gamiss, I knew I had to get it! I love the length, the colours and the price! When I got it yesterday I ripped open the packaging and tried it on right away. I was surprised at how much I loved the silhouette on me. I was worried it would hang like a sack and give me no shape, but it actually is surprisingly slimming. Now give me all the cookies, because this dress is the perfect food baby concealer!! ;) 



Blouse from Zaful, Jeans from Old Navy, LipSense colour Strawberry Shortcake

Since becoming a LipSense distributor back in November, I've been pushing myself to do things that are way outside my comfort zone. Being a part of this company was already a huge step for me, but I still wanted to challenge myself and constantly change things up. Some things have been so extremely successful, while others were not so much. Either way, everything I have tried has been worth it. You win some, you loose some and that's totally ok. You never know what is going to work unless you give it a try.



For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to have more moments of stillness. When Calvin takes his nap, I take time to just sit in the silence. I'm only now beginning to realize the difference between prayer and meditation. Having those few precious moments where there are zero distractions, and I can just be alone with my thoughts, have really helped my well being. I read somewhere that the longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself, so learn to love and live with you. Those words really hit a cord with me. The only person you constantly live with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is you. Like I've mentioned previously, I'm trying to be a little more kind to me, myself and I. These quiet moments have made such a difference in such a small period of time. Some people may find silence to be awkward, but I have quickly come to savour it.



Blouse from Zaful

I first want to say thank you all for the kind words from this post. Your words meant so much to me and really appreciate every single one of you. I was not writing that post fishing for compliments, but everyone's response was so beautiful. In my whole 7 years of blogging I've only had one comment that was negative. Just one. I considered myself blessed to be surrounded by a community that is so loving and supportive!!!! 



It's starting to get real for me. My baby is no longer a baby. I decided to stop doing monthly updates once he hit a year, but I thought I would go through some random things he's been doing recently that I can't get enough of!

This child loves to dance. He is constantly dancing away. His current favourite song is "Raise Your Glass" (Warbler version, which is the best since I love Darren Criss!

We bought him some new shoes on Tuesday and he cries every time we take them off. So he pretty much wears his shoes all day, everyday. He also likes to stop whatever he is doing randomly and say "new shoes!" 

He's discover the never ending fun of playing with the rubbermaid cupboard. My cupboards are constantly being reorganized!

He refers to the TV as "football" and demands we watch America's Game (documentary on Super Bowl winning teams) daily. 

Speaking of football, this boy loves passing a football back and forth down the stairs to either Alex or I. 

We started introducing "chores" so he can learn to help out. His include "sweeping" the floors and feeding Samwise. He loves it, so we're trying to encourage an attitude of house chores being fun. Luckily so far it's working!

Every morning after breakfast he likes going upstairs and choosing his clothes for the day. Whenever his football shirt is clean he immediately picks it out!

His favourite songs to sing are: Once there was a snowman, Book of Mormon stories, Popcorn popping, and The wise man/foolish man song. His version of the actions are hilarious! 

He's due for another haircut, but I just love his golden locks! Part of me wants him to have long curly hair. It's just too dang cute!

His new favourite word is "daddeeeee!" And yes with Es, not a Y. He is constantly yelling for daddy!



As much as I love makeup, I've never really been that adventurous when it comes to eyeshadow. I usually stick to the same 3 looks. I think the biggest reason is that when it comes to eyeshadow brushes I don't have the greatest selection. I had a few blending brushes, but nothing that would help me create precise, or dramatic looks. That is until I stumbled across this set. I got super excited when I found it since it was super cheap, and has a good variety of brush styles.

I have super sensitive eyes, so I was a little worried at how these would feel on the lid, but the bristles are SO soft and they are perfect for blending, and building up colour! Lately I've been experimenting a little more with eyeshadow looks, and I owe it all to this makeup brush set. Now keep in mind, it's not the best quality and can be a little flimsy, but you know me, I'm not picky when I buy something super cheap :)



This is probably one the scariest things I've ever done. I was thinking of just doing another flat lay displaying this swimsuit, but then I stumbled across this post by the lovely Connie Hackett. I was so inspired that I decided to do something that scared the crap out of me. Upload photos to my blog of me wearing a swimsuit. I'm pretty sure I've never posted photos on my blog of me in a swimsuit, I really have no idea why. I mean if I can wear a swimsuit on the beach, why should I be scared to post photos online?

Social media is chuck FULL of girls that don't look like me. That doesn't mean they aren't beautiful, or that I am less or more beautiful than they are, but it's hard scrolling through your feed and constantly being reminded that your disproportionate body is never going to look like that.

When I took these photos I decided to do a little experiment: look at the them as if I were looking at a complete stranger. I was amazed at what I didn't see.

I didn't see a pasty girl who could use a good self tanner.
I didn't see legs that were covered in veins and cellulite.
I didn't see chubby arms.
I didn't see a girl who needed to loose a few pound in order to look good in a swimsuit.

Instead I saw a girl who looked happy and beautiful. Going forward I've decided to look at every picture of me as if I were looking at a stranger. I challenge you to do the same. You'd be surprised at how kinder you would be.



This post is in collaboration and is sponsored by Rosegal. All opinions are my own.

I am fully aware that it is still winter, but I am still counting down the days to warmer weather. Our new house actually has a community pool and we are SO excited for this summer! I've always been a water baby, so you can count on Calvin and I pretty much living at the pool while Alex is at work! It was pretty much my childhood dream to have a pool, so now that we finally have one, I'm kind of freaking out! 
When I saw this swimsuit I knew immediately that I needed to have it! I'm not one for colour, my wardrobe is pretty minimal and neutral, but when it comes to swimsuits I love anything floral and colourful! I mentioned this is my last post, but Rosegal has SO many cute, affordable swimsuits right now!!!! If you are looking for a new a suit, you need to check them out!

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