Over the past few weeks I've had one of my favourite songs growing up running through my mind.
"Life as we know it, it's going good. That's an understatement, it's going better than I ever thought it could."

I've been thinking a lot about how I pictured my future when I was 20. Five years ago I thought I would probably have a couple kids, be a stay at home mom and have a husband who was either in school or working. And while these are all true, and I'm so happy my life turned out how I pictured it, there are so many things that are better than I ever imagined.

Being married has honestly been the most fun thing I have ever done. Our life isn't perfect, but at the end of the day I get to spend everyday with my best friend who is just as weird and goofy as I am. Life can get a little too serious, and it's good to have someone you can laugh with. And boy howdy do Alex and I laugh!! Motherhood always seemed like this far off place that was such a long way for me, even though I wanted it so badly. Then it happened. And it was everything I wanted and more!
I always felt that I was made to be a wife and a mother, but I've slowly come to realize that even though I consider those roles my two greatest, I am even more. I'm a sister, daughter, aunt, business owner, blogger, reader, listener, musical theatre enthusiast, ice cream eater and organizer. The older I get, the more I realize that I am constantly growing. When I first decided to become an independent SeneGence distributor (I know you're probably thinking: "ugh, we get it you love this job, enough already!") there was a part of me that felt bad for wanting it so bad.

I'm not saying I look down on working moms, I respect them just as much as I respect any mom, but for me I never pictured myself running a business and being a mom. It was never in my plan. Key word there my plan. But sometimes His plan is greater than our plan. I'm not any less of a mom for doing something for me. It doesn't make me selfish, it doesn't make me distracted. Luckily this business fits my life perfectly. And not the other way around!

So yes I have so many roles, and different things that make me, me. I guess you could say I wear quite a few hats (you see what I did there?). Which is good because I love hats ;) If you can't tell already. Kind of, sort of obsessed with this one. I love a good sturdy fedora. Zaful has so many cute ones that are ultra cheap!!!! You've probably noticed a theme in my recent posts, cheap cute things. What can I say, I'm a thrifty spender! ;)

I've noticed recently that my posts are starting to be more and more scattered brained, but then I realized "Isn't that part of what makes me, me?" Yep, add scatter brained to the list.

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