Well we are officially in full blown winter, and for once I am actually loving it. Calvin and I have spending a lot of our days curled up watching the snow fall, while listening to Christmas music. Yes my last post was about how much I love being free and having my drivers license. Well in the winter I turn into a hermit. Sorry, but I'm a bear and I believe in winter hibernation. And yes the post before my last post was about how I'm not in the Christmas mood. Well having 2 snow storms in the space of a week can change my view on a lot of things!

It's actually crazy that in the first time since forever, I've actually been loving all the snow we've been getting. Maybe it was last year's green Christmas, or maybe it's watching Calvin look at the snow with absolute fascination, whatever the reason, I can't get enough of it!
I'm still amazed that we're already half way through December and that Christmas is almost a week away!!! Not to mention we are traveling to Winnipeg this Sunday!!!!!!!!! I am pretty much bursting at the seams (that might be because of the box of chocolate biscuits I ate in one sitting) with excitement! We haven't been back to Winnipeg since I was pregnant, so a lot has happened since then!! I can not wait for everyone to meet Calvin and spend much needed time with family!

The one thing however I am not exactly looking forward to is the Winnipeg (or should I say Winterpeg) weather. I've grown up with cold winters, but Winnipeg is freezing!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty much just going to wear this hat and scarf all day, everyday to keep myself warm ;) I mean come on, it's got a pompom!!! I have my eye on a few other cute one's on Zaful. I mean you can't have too many hats. Am I right?

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