Over the past few weeks I've had one of my favourite songs growing up running through my mind.
"Life as we know it, it's going good. That's an understatement, it's going better than I ever thought it could."

I've been thinking a lot about how I pictured my future when I was 20. Five years ago I thought I would probably have a couple kids, be a stay at home mom and have a husband who was either in school or working. And while these are all true, and I'm so happy my life turned out how I pictured it, there are so many things that are better than I ever imagined.

Being married has honestly been the most fun thing I have ever done. Our life isn't perfect, but at the end of the day I get to spend everyday with my best friend who is just as weird and goofy as I am. Life can get a little too serious, and it's good to have someone you can laugh with. And boy howdy do Alex and I laugh!! Motherhood always seemed like this far off place that was such a long way for me, even though I wanted it so badly. Then it happened. And it was everything I wanted and more!
I always felt that I was made to be a wife and a mother, but I've slowly come to realize that even though I consider those roles my two greatest, I am even more. I'm a sister, daughter, aunt, business owner, blogger, reader, listener, musical theatre enthusiast, ice cream eater and organizer. The older I get, the more I realize that I am constantly growing. When I first decided to become an independent SeneGence distributor (I know you're probably thinking: "ugh, we get it you love this job, enough already!") there was a part of me that felt bad for wanting it so bad.

I'm not saying I look down on working moms, I respect them just as much as I respect any mom, but for me I never pictured myself running a business and being a mom. It was never in my plan. Key word there my plan. But sometimes His plan is greater than our plan. I'm not any less of a mom for doing something for me. It doesn't make me selfish, it doesn't make me distracted. Luckily this business fits my life perfectly. And not the other way around!

So yes I have so many roles, and different things that make me, me. I guess you could say I wear quite a few hats (you see what I did there?). Which is good because I love hats ;) If you can't tell already. Kind of, sort of obsessed with this one. I love a good sturdy fedora. Zaful has so many cute ones that are ultra cheap!!!! You've probably noticed a theme in my recent posts, cheap cute things. What can I say, I'm a thrifty spender! ;)

I've noticed recently that my posts are starting to be more and more scattered brained, but then I realized "Isn't that part of what makes me, me?" Yep, add scatter brained to the list.



Well we are officially in full blown winter, and for once I am actually loving it. Calvin and I have spending a lot of our days curled up watching the snow fall, while listening to Christmas music. Yes my last post was about how much I love being free and having my drivers license. Well in the winter I turn into a hermit. Sorry, but I'm a bear and I believe in winter hibernation. And yes the post before my last post was about how I'm not in the Christmas mood. Well having 2 snow storms in the space of a week can change my view on a lot of things!

It's actually crazy that in the first time since forever, I've actually been loving all the snow we've been getting. Maybe it was last year's green Christmas, or maybe it's watching Calvin look at the snow with absolute fascination, whatever the reason, I can't get enough of it!
I'm still amazed that we're already half way through December and that Christmas is almost a week away!!! Not to mention we are traveling to Winnipeg this Sunday!!!!!!!!! I am pretty much bursting at the seams (that might be because of the box of chocolate biscuits I ate in one sitting) with excitement! We haven't been back to Winnipeg since I was pregnant, so a lot has happened since then!! I can not wait for everyone to meet Calvin and spend much needed time with family!

The one thing however I am not exactly looking forward to is the Winnipeg (or should I say Winterpeg) weather. I've grown up with cold winters, but Winnipeg is freezing!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty much just going to wear this hat and scarf all day, everyday to keep myself warm ;) I mean come on, it's got a pompom!!! I have my eye on a few other cute one's on Zaful. I mean you can't have too many hats. Am I right?



Well it finally happened. 9 years later and I finally have my G2 drivers license. For the past month I've been able to go on adventures with Calvin and not be stuck in our apartment all day. Don't get me wrong, I'm a still a major homebody, but I also need to get out at least once a day. A time to see other people, and to watch Calvin interact with others.
Calvin has always been way more outgoing than me, but whenever we're out together I find myself so much more comfortable around strangers. I've always been a people watcher (call me a creep, but I love it), but lately I've really enjoyed having conversations with strangers. The longer I'm a mom, the more I enjoy it. Which is a relief since I used to be the most awkward person when it came to small talk. Ugh it was the worst!
Anyway, all this to say I'm happy. Life is just so great right now. Not that it wasn't great before, just that I'm having so many more opportunities and experiencing new things and I love it. Speaking of new things, I told you I've become obsessed with embroidered dresses. So of course I've added another one to my collection! I know this dress is SO 2015 in the blogging world, but I finally got my hands on one and that makes me chuffed. I was a little worried about how it was going to look on, but I really love the fit! Rosegal has so many cute fall pieces that I can't get enough of right now! If you have not heard of Rosegal then where have you been? It's pretty much go-to place for trendy pieces.



The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of major life decisions. Opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity has been thrown in our face. If you would have told me back in October that in just under 2 months, I would be starting a business, Alex would be applying to go back to school and we would be moving, I would have probably thought you were crazy. But here we are. Before I get ahead of myself, I should mention that we are literally just moving down the street (so don't have a heart attack mom!).

It all started in November when I launched my business Lips by Beks (you can learn all about that decision here). Very quickly Alex and I felt that this business was going to be a huge blessing for our family. I was building my confidence, while doing something I absolutely love. As much as I love being a mom, I wanted something that was for me, and this was perfect. I quickly came to realize that I wanted the same thing for Alex.
One of Alex's passions is sports. That's why he had taken Journalism in university. It didn't work out however because it was WAY too time demanding for someone who works, and has a family. So he switched programs and graduated with a degree in Political Science. Since December 2015 Alex has been job searching, and it has been the hardest thing watching him not get jobs he really wanted. It was killing me. He had quite a few interviews, but there was always someone who was bilingual, which he was not, or had experience, which he did not.

Then 3 weeks ago I went out to talk to an old school friend of mine. She asked about Alex and what he was doing and I told her he was job searching. Then I mentioned something I hadn't thought of since 3 years previous. "He actually may go back to school to study Sports Business Management." Um where the heck did that come from? I literally forgot about that program I had found in years previously, but there I was talking about it. Little did I know, Alex was having the exact same conversation with my sister in law. Coincidence, I don't think so.

The more we talked about it the more it felt right. Alex has never been a fan of school, and I don't blame him for that, but this program is only for a year and you automatically get a co-op which you either get bridged into after you graduate, or get an amazing reference and experience! I've never met someone as hard working and as dedicated than Alex. He's someone who you have to spend time with to truly see his immeasurable value. Someone may have better qualifications on a stupid piece of paper, but I can guarantee they will not be as dedicated and constant as Alex.
I didn't want Alex to spend his life in a desk job that he wasn't passionate about, while I am doing things that constantly inspire and motivate me. He has been so supportive and encouraging through my business venture, so I wanted to do the same for him. I want to see come home and feel proud of what he has done. At the end of the day, sure he'd still be working a desk job that will still have it's frustrations and difficulties, however he will be working for a team. A sports team. Sports really is his greatest passion (other than family and God of course), and I feel he will be more successful in a field that has anything to do with sports!

Now onto the moving part. I've mentioned many times on this blog how much I am sick and tired of this apartment. So we've been looking to see if we could actually afford renting a townhouse. We ideally didn't want to move until we could afford buying, but sometimes you have to make changes to your original plan. We found a beautiful group of townhouse literally down the street from us for an amazing price!! It would only be $600 more a month then what we are paying now, and it 3 times the size, has a finished basement, a backyard, a community pool, and a perfect living space for what we are looking for! We went for a viewing yesterday and fell instantly in love. We're hoping we will be moving in by early spring.

All this to say, God sees the whole picture. And although there are elements to all this that are scary, we're mostly excited and willing to put our full trust in him. I can not wait to see what the future holds for us! Everything has just been happening so fast, but I know this all happened at the perfect timing.

Have you noticed that I am kind of uncomfortable with posting "style posts" unless I tell my life story!!!! ;) Also can we just take a moment and talk about the embroidery details on this dress! I can't get enough of dresses recently! Especially ones from Gamiss!



Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. For all of November and December I crank the Christmas music, decorate the house and get my Christmas shopping done. But for some reason, this year I just don't feel ready for Christmas. I don't know what it is but I feel we just got back from our vacation in Maine.. which was back in August. The time has literally flown by. I swear I sneezed and all of sudden it was December!
My family has always (always) put up the Christmas tree in the first week of November (and yes we were hipsters and did before it was the cool thing to do. No really all my friends growing up thought we were crazy...), and Alex and I have followed in that tradition. And yet, this year, I just don't feel ready to put it up yet. It's the weirdest feeling because I usually and decking halls as soon as the trick-or-treaters are in bed. I wish I could use the lack of snow as an excuse, but last year we had a green Christmas and our tree was still up early.

I had one of those "oh crap" moments today where I was mentioning the warm weather we've been having. I said something along the lines of "Our October felt like November, and our November feels like October". I was quickly corrected and realized we're now in December. It's just too weird. I love the whole lead up to Christmas, but I still can't figure out why it doesn't feel like a few weeks away.

I'm seriously at the point where I'm considering not even put up the tree since we're going to Winnipeg. Am I a horrible person for doing that? Ugh, I don't know.

I may not be prepared in terms of decor and Christmas gifts, but I have my whole holiday outfits picked and ready. Yep I'm shallow. And yep, I don't care. I may just have to wear this dress for the entire month ;) Zaful has so many gorgeous holiday dresses that are such a bargain!!

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