Lately our apartment has been driving me crazy. I really hate to be that person who is always complaining, but our apartment is really starting to feel small. It's constantly a mess, which I'm actually ok with since we have a toddler. However, the messiest places are actually our kitchen and bedroom, which are places that Calvin never goes into. We have barely any storage, I hate putting away laundry so it stays folded in our laundry bags until we do our laundry again and I've even avoided putting our Christmas tree up because I know our living room is going to feel even tinier.

Alex and I have been blessed in some many ways recently, and I'm not trying to sound like that spoiled kid who wants just "one more thing" and they will be happy, but I really would love to move into a bigger place. Technically we don't need a bigger place, I'm just being a diva. Our kitchen has always been my least favourite part of our apartment, so I avoid it like the plague. Which means the dishes get more and more piled up, we rarely ever eat a legit home cooked meal, and our dinning table is more of a dumping ground than an eating place.

Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, I make a hot cup of tea and breathe. Maybe it's my mom's British blood, or my horrible addiction to procrastinating, either way a cup of tea seems to be the perfect escape from inconsequential stresses. So this is what my late afternoons look like. Leggings, a cozy sweater (I'm obsessed with this one from Rosegal), and a nice warm cup of David's Tea. Now excuse me while I actually get some house work done.


  1. My house is feeling overwhelmingly messy right now too! So I'm on the computer instead of cleaning it... sigh.

  2. Omg I hate my place too! lol. I just washed an overflowing sink of dishes yesterday, but there's still the laundry and clutter D: Someone seriously needs to hire me a maid for the holidays. Like- that would be the best gift for a pregnant woman about to pop a baby out later this month.

    I find that playing music and diffusing uplifting essential oils while I clean gets me motivated! I'm kinda obsessed with oils these days....


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