I promise this blog hasn't turned into a blog where I only do collaborations! Like I've mentioned before, I've been using all of Calvin's naps to work on my new blog, so this space has suffered a little bit. Hopefully I can get a couple posts up soon though :)
For today's Mommy Style Monday we were asked to share our everyday mommy accessories. Before having Calvin I was a huge fan of necklaces. I have so many statement necklaces and I have been dying to wear them again, but since Calvin is intrigued by anything and everything, they are currently collecting dust above my dresser. When it comes to accessories I pretty much only wear two things: my diaper bag and a hat. Since I am pretty limited on what I can add to jazz up an outfit, I like to play with textures and prints. It's so easy, especially during fall to layer and experiment with different looks.
If you're interested in joining us for the next Mommy Style Monday, head on over to either Kiana's, or Madeline's to sign up! Don't forget to visit the other ladies who are participating in the collaboration. 

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  1. I think I need to get a hat! I just don't know if I can pull it off. I am the same way about statement necklaces. I work full time so sometimes I'll throw one out as I walk out the door and then take it off shortly after coming home because my son will try to yank it off!

  2. OK, you pull off hats AND a gorgeous lip like nobody's business.

  3. Nothing wrong with a good collaboration ;) It is a lot easier to accessorize in the fall and winter I think! I totally agree with Monica's comment above!

  4. I want to wear hats so bad but haven't quite found one that speaks to me. Love how simple, lovely and comfortable your outfit looks!


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