I don't know about you, but planning Halloween costumes can be pretty stressful! I always like being creative, but I hate spending money on items that I am never going to wear again. For the past couple of years I've decided to look at my own wardrobe and see what I can create with what I already have. But sometimes I draw a blank. If I do end up buying pieces, I make sure that they are things that I could easily wear again so I'm not throwing money away!

Today I am teaming up with Rosegal to give you 3 easy, last minute Halloween costumes ideas!


As soon as I saw this bomber jacket I knew I had to include a Pink Ladies costume! For years I've been wanting to try a Grease inspired Halloween costume, but never had the guts! Luckily bomber jackets are on trend right now, so you can wear the jacket again. Not to mention Rosegal has so many affordable options.


This is quite possibly going to be our family costume this year. Pretty much everyone has a plaid top and black hat. Although this costume isn't necessarily creative, since it's something I would wear even if it wasn't Halloween, it's still cute and still looks like you made an effort with your costume!


I'm not going lie, I've never really been a fan of The Addams Family. I watched a few episodes when I was growing up, but it never was a favourite show of mine. However, Wednesday Addams character is so easy to recreate! If you have a black dress already, you can just make a white collar using paper, then braid your hair and your ready to go!

If you are looking for more Halloween inspiration, head on over to Rosegal. They have so many great options for pieces that can be used for costumes, as well as everyday wear. You can also visit their style gallery for more ideas!!

Happy soon to be Halloween!!



This post is sponsored by and in collaboration with Zaful. All opinions are my own.

There is something about denim that screams fall to me. For today's look I wanted to do something a little bit different for me: denim on denim. Mind blowing right? Well not really, be for me it is. I usually pair chambray and denim tops with black bottoms, but since my black jeans are getting a little too baggy for my liking, I thought I would style this beautiful top with a pair of blue jeans. 
I am absolutely obsessed with this blouse. I received it about a week ago, and have worn it so many times already! I love it's unique and interesting silhouette. I find that denim and chambray looks very casual, which isn't a bad thing, I just find it harder to "dress it up". This top however is so versatile! It looks great with a skirt and heels, or some jeans and booties. 
If you haven't checked out Zaful before, I would highly recommend you do! They have great products for such an amazing price! I love that in each product description they have the sizes and measurements posted so you can ensure the item will fit. You can find this exact blouse here.



I promise this blog hasn't turned into a blog where I only do collaborations! Like I've mentioned before, I've been using all of Calvin's naps to work on my new blog, so this space has suffered a little bit. Hopefully I can get a couple posts up soon though :)
For today's Mommy Style Monday we were asked to share our everyday mommy accessories. Before having Calvin I was a huge fan of necklaces. I have so many statement necklaces and I have been dying to wear them again, but since Calvin is intrigued by anything and everything, they are currently collecting dust above my dresser. When it comes to accessories I pretty much only wear two things: my diaper bag and a hat. Since I am pretty limited on what I can add to jazz up an outfit, I like to play with textures and prints. It's so easy, especially during fall to layer and experiment with different looks.
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Hello everyone! Sorry I've been a little M.I.A. recently. Been a little busy and preoccupied with my new blog. I'm really loving having a space dedicated to all things beauty :) Anyway, the reason why I am posting today is to take part in one of my favourite collaborations: How We Wore It. Most of you know the drill, but for those of you who do not, here's what it's all about. Each month we are sent a picture to help us get inspired about our own wardrobes. We then create an outfit based on key areas, and pieces that stood out to us. What I love about this collaboration is everyone's looks are so different! 
I got so excited when I received the email with this month's inspiration. Autumn has always been my favourite time of the year. I love the weather, the tea flavours, and the clothing. It's the easiest season to dress for. I don't have to worry about being too hot and muggy, or being bundled up with heavy coats and scarves. When I saw the picture above I immediately noticed the sweater, jeans and boots. That is pretty much my signature fall look so I knew this month's outfit was going to be a breeze to re-create.
I bought this sweater last winter from Old Navy, and it has since become one my staple sweaters. I love the relaxed silhouette and the 3/4 length sleeves. It is definitely the most flattering sweater I have ever owned! Although the picture we got sent didn't include a hat, I thought I would add one since I pretty much live in wool/felt hats during the fall. 
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