I've been blogging for a little over 5 and a half years. For someone who is pretty flighty with hobbies, I must say I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with it. I feel that over the past couple months that this space has really started to evolve. I don't have a schedule. I don't write to keep up, I write to remember. I post when I want to post. I sit and take some time for me and just write out my thoughts. I like being able to write things and know I won't get mean comments. Sure there will be people who won't agree with what I have to say, but luckily I have readers who don't vocalize (or should I say write) things in an argumentative way. I want to continue to share and just write.

Over the years I have tried so many different types of blogging. I've done design tutorials, hair tutorials, makeup related posts, style posts, blogging how-to's, seriously a bunch of random things. I felt like this blog didn't really have a focus and that it would be full of random unrelated things. But then I realized, that's who I am. We're all made up of random unrelated hobbies and interests. It's what makes us unique to one another. I like having no boundaries and doing whatever I want here. But I want to try something new. So I created a second blog. Crazy right? No, not really.

As many (if not all) of you already know, I have quite a strong love for makeup. And more particularly, affordable makeup. I wanted to have a place completely dedicated to something that I love so much. It felt a little weird back in April when I started making Youtube videos and would post them on my blog. It just didn't feel like the right place to share something that you may not all be interested in. This blog is first and foremost a journal of our family and our adventures, and I want to keep it that way.

The past week has been full of brainstorming, photo taking, editing and setting everything up. After getting a couple posts written out, I can now officially launch my new blog. Wow, that felt super cool to write. There is something so official about reading the word "launch". Sorry while I sit here like a silly little school girl ;)

If you think this is something that will interest you, you can visit the blog here, and my new Instagram feed here. I have also created a new bloglovin' page which will be linked on the blog ;)

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