There is nothing sweeter than watching your child climb onto a chair all by himself, point to a picture and say "Daddy" as he recognizes Alex's face. I seriously love this stage right now. He is constantly learning, and everyday is a new adventure for him. He's just so stinking entertaining. I spend 95% of my day wearing a stupid fabric fish bowl as a hat because Calvin is adament that I wear it. When I think he's distracted by something else across the room, I quietly take it off. Within seconds, Calvin has noticed and makes a bee line for me and yet again places the bowl on my head. It's quite the back and forth routine we have going on, but we both find it comical. 

I still can't believe that in one month, one short month, he will be going to nursery at our church. How on earth is he almost 18 months?! It's crazy to think that is now a toddler. This whole growing up thing is happening way too quickly for my liking. 


  1. my little just turned a year and I keep wondering how that happened! we aren't quite walking yet but the pulling up and shuffling makes me know life is about to really change.

  2. He is so darling! and I always love seeing your posts about him. btw, you are such a talented photographer. If I lived closer to you I would insist on you taking some photos for me! I have always loved following your blog. You're the cutest.


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