You can't go to Chicago without visiting Wrigley Field, especially when your husband is Cubs fan. I have always loved watching sports live, but there is something about going to a ball park that makes me all excited. We were a little worried because the weather forecast said there would be rain, but it was sunny and nice the entire day!! Luckily our seats were under a covering so we didn't have to worry about Calvin getting sunburnt. He pretty much slept on me the entire game. Poor little guy was just not himself the whole trip :( 

We arrived a few hours before the game started and boy oh boy was it crowded. I expected it to be busy, but I was in no way prepared for the amount of people that were planning on arriving early too. I was a little anxious just because crowds make me super uncomfortable, once we got into our seats it became much easier to breath and enjoy myself. Unfortunately they lost, but we were paying for the experience in general which was definitely worth it.

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