As I mentioned in previous posts, Calvin was not himself during out trip to Chicago. Unfortunately we had to skip a lot of places we wanted to visit. We were able to see the Shedd Aquarium all together on the Thursday. Calvin loved looking at all the fish and pointing and everything. It was nice to see him happy, even if it was only for an hour or so. Pretty much as soon as we left the aquarium he was screaming in his stroller. He eventually fell asleep, but then of course it started to pour rain. Luckily he actually enjoyed. And to be honest I think we all did. There is something about being stuck in a summer storm that I absolutely love!
On our last day Alex and I went to the Field museum just the 2 of us, so Chris and Rocky could have some alone time with Calvin. We took the subway down, had a lovely walk downtown and spent a few hours exploring the museum.  There were so many interesting exhibits and it was nice to take our time and not have to worry about Calvin. 

We were a little bummed that we weren't able to do all the things we had planned. We quickly learned that when your traveling with a one year old, you should always plan to change your plans. 


  1. Yes, children make things impossible sometimes! haha. I always expect the worst so that I won't get disappointed if something goes wrong. That sounds pessimistic! But it's not, I promise. These photos are amazing!

    1. It's so true!! It's sucked because I've been able to go on a few vacations in the past with Calvin and everything was great. This one was just bad timing with his teething I think :(

  2. ahh so fun! we went to chicago when cedar was just a teeny babe & i fell in love, i have wanted to go back ever since! seeing all of your photos makes me want to go even more :)


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