If you follow me along on Instagram, then you will probably already know that we went to Chicago last week for our summer vacation. We were a little worried how Calvin would react to flying, since it was going to be his first time on a plane. Our first flight was only a half hour so he absolutely loved it. Once we landed things got a little more complicated. We missed our connecting flight due to our first flight being delayed, so we had to wait another 2 hours once we got past customs. Luckily for us the Montreal airport has complimentary strollers so we were able to walk around the airport while Calvin took a nap.

Calvin pretty much slept the entire second flight, which was nice since we had all been up since 4am. He did have a few minutes where he was uncomfortable so Alex walked with him to help calm him down. All in all, his first experience flying was so smooth and easy that we quickly became over confident with how our vacation was going to turn out. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. At all. 

Calvin was not himself from the moment we landed in Chicago, until we got home yesterday afternoon. He was crying at the silliest things, refused to sit in his stroller, had pretty much no appetite and was extremely exhausted. It was not the relaxing vacation we had in mind, but there were still some great moments.

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  1. That's so awesome about the strollers at the airport! I was stuck in an airport with Gwen for like, 8+ hours once and I would have killed for a stroller! I'm sorry that your little guy was feeling out of sorts. That's hard! Can't wait to hear about the good parts of the trip :)


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