A little over month ago I wanted to make a stronger effort to get back into shape and tone my body. I used to work out periodically, but I didn't really have a distinct "routine". I would do a quick Youtube workout here and there, but I didn't really feel committed to challenge and push myself. At the end of April I was visiting one of my favourite workout sites (Blogilates) and I noticed that she had a beginners workout calendar.

Since having Calvin my abs were pretty much destroyed and I haven't been nearly as strong as I used to be. So one of my hesitations with following a workout calendar is that the moves aren't basic enough for me. I literally have had to go back to square one, and that is why I fell in love with this workout schedule! Now although this is a beginners workout calendar, the workouts are still pretty intense and challenging which I love!!
Woking out has become my "me time". Surprisingly my favourite time of day to workout is as soon as Calvin goes to bed. I've found that I'm more likely to stick to it when I do it at night since I don't always have the time in the morning. I've much preferred doing it at night because it gives me a chance to unwind. I used to be the kind of person who dreaded working out. I would feel worse about myself whenever worked out, but now I love it!

Over the past few short weeks I have felt my body get stronger, and most importantly feel like myself again. I feel like I have talked about this on my blog SO much, but I really struggled with my post part body. It was so weird to see myself in pictures and not recognize myself. I was loving everything about my life, and I genuinely was happy, I just hated the way I looked. Now after faithfully following this calendar I can finally say that I love how I feel. I've decided to not weigh myself, but base my improvement on my strength, and how my clothes fit. When I focus on numbers I get too caught up in unnecessary pressure and forget about the true reason why I am doing this: to feel good.

There is no greater feeling than rediscovering your confidence when you've been without it for so long!

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  1. Working out is SUCH a pick-me-up!! Sometimes I really need to push myself to workout, but I never, ever regret it! Glad you are feeling fine!


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