Sorry in advance that this week's posts are a little off schedule. I didn't have time to film a video and have it up for Tuesday, so I had to switch it to Wednesday instead. Luckily my internet is uploading a lot faster this week, so I may another video up for tomorrow for you guys! 
For the past few weeks I have literally been hoarding my trash trying to collect as many empty products as I could so I could film this video. I couldn't go on any longer, so I've decided to do shorter empties videos more often so I can get rid of the trash :) I love watching empties videos since you get mini reviews that are more in depth than first impressions simply because the entire product has been used up.
Hope enjoyed the video and I'll see you next time!! :) 


  1. I have really been loving your videos! I always imagined you with an English accent (probably because of the way you spell certain words) so it's fun to hear your real voice.

    I too hate when products run out super fast. I fell in love with an eyeliner once that only lasted a few weeks so I just quit buying it. Oh the struggle.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you're enjoying them!! It's funny you think that I should British, considering my mom is from England ;) Us Canadians spell certain words the English way.


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