Ever since he was born, Calvin has been such an angel when we wakes up in the morning. Every morning I wake up to the sound of him talking to himself in his crib. I pretty much lay in bed for about 20 minutes just listening to him while I slowly wake myself up.

The first couple hours that follow are definitely my favourite part of the day. After I feed him breakfast, we both stay in our pjs and play with his toys while listening to music. He's getting more and more playful and interactive. Looking at these pictures, I see less and less "baby" in him, and more toddler. It's crazy that once a baby starts moving around, the change overnight almost! There is nothing more sweet than watching your child grow and learn in front of your very eyes.


  1. The close up photo with his head slightly tilted..........I'm melting here and going into complete Calvin withdrawal!!!!

  2. Oh my word, the ones with his tongue sticking out are PRECIOUS!

  3. Wow, he really does sound like an angel baby.
    Gwen stood at the doorway of our bedroom this morning and would not stop crying or walk into the room. Like me, she is not a morning person.


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