Since I have been sharing my current favourites the past couple weeks, I thought I would also share some baby things that both Calvin and I have been loving lately.
I Love You Through and Through: I pretty much have this book memorized. Calvin loves books in general, but he can't get enough of this one in particular. He is constantly reaching for it. 

Skin fix baby eczema cream: I mentioned before that Calvin has had eczema ever since he was a couple months old. There was a period of time that it was so severe we needed to use a prescription cream from the doctor. Luckily (for the time being), it's becomes a lot less severe. We've been using this cream since September and we only just bought our second tube last week. This cream is SO incredible! It has definitely helped his skin, and I feel comfortable using it because of the natural ingredients. 

Playtex baby sippy cup: Calvin refuses bottles, and is not a fan of sippy cups that have a hard mouth piece. My parent's found this one a couple weeks ago and he loves it!!! It's meant to be a transition cup so the mouth piece feels like a bottle, but is shaped like a sippy cup. 

Honest Soothing Bottom Wash: We've had this stuff for almost a year and I have never stopped loving it!! I like to spray it before wiping his bum to help take all the gunk off (ew..), and after to make him smell good. It literally smells like ice cream!!!

Glow worm: This is quite a recent discovery for Calvin. One of my old coworkers gave it to us at a baby shower, and we kind of forgot we had it. Then one day we pulled it out and Calvin has been playing with it everyday since!! He loves the light, and dances away to the music. It is so sweet to see how excited he gets whenever he notices it on the ground.

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