In a story that blends realism with dreamlike imagery and echoes of myth, Finn is the only witness to the kidnapping of 19-year-old Roza. However, his vague description of the man who took her leaves just about everyone in the small town of Bone Gap-including his older brother, Sean, who is in love with Roza-without much faith in his story. Through a complex interweaving of chapters, mostly told from Finn and Roza's points of view, Laura Ruby slowly reveals that what actually happened to the beautiful Polish immigrant is more complicated than Finn even knew, and that his own disability will make it difficult for him to find her. Ruby raises incisive questions about feminine beauty, identity, and power in a story full of subtle magic that is not compelled to provide concrete explanations. A haunting and inventive work that subverts expectations at every turn.

I have a couple issues with this book. Firstly the first 60 pages were slow and hard to get into. I wasn't grabbed right off the bat, and I found it to be a little confusing. Secondly, the ending was just kind of "meh". I felt there were questions that needed to be answered and I was still confused by a few things. But funnily enough, I did enjoy reading it. Once I passed the first 60 pages, I couldn't put it down. I loved that every chapter changed which character it focused on. It wasn't written in first person, but it did change which character the story was being told through. It's not one of those books that I would necessarily recommend. It's a book that I really have a hard time categorizing. It has a mixture of fantasy, mystery, thriller, realism, romance (only a touch though), and drama. I would definitely read more reviews before reading it, simply because it's hard for me describe how I feel about it. This book really has me confused, even now that I am done reading it ;) 


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