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One of my favourite things about blogging is connecting with people that you wouldn't get a chance to if it weren't for the internet! Which is why I decided to start a new blog series featuring women from blogs I absolutely love reading. 
Hello everyone, I’m so excited to do a guest post for “These are the days”. I hope that I’m at least half as good as Bekah at being articulate in expressing my feelings through writing. Although I know I'm not, perhaps that's why it isn't my main form of a medium.

I’ve thought about this topic all week. At first, I wanted to write something moody, emotional, raw and perhaps even vague- that way I can give you a small glimpse into my life but not too much, just enough to keep you interested. However after thinking about the topic I realized that I find strength in being true and honest with myself. So here is to "being true and honest". 

So many times I’ve failed at a task but I also failed to admit that it’s okay to fail. Perhaps beating myself up for something I'm not good at is my biggest flaw (among many other ones, don't worry),I find strength in knowing that it’s okay to admit that we have failed because if we take it as a learning experience it will teach us how to recompose and try again. It’s okay to try different things, or to get to one point in your life and think “hey, I’m actually not happy” as long as you analyze your situation and make a change instead of giving up. Sometimes it's really hard to admit failure because we become so dependent on how we are perceived to our peers. 
I find strength in learning who I am each day. I find strength in growing, spending time to mediate and be alone for small periods of time each day. I really do enjoy my time alone because it let’s me enjoy my own company. Because if you can’t enjoy your own company, how do you expect others to enjoy your company? 
I suppose my biggest struggle right now is learning how to really love myself and allow myself room for error. And I find strength in knowing that my journey is just one giant learning and growing process. Sometimes I think that we look upon life as if it's just one end point. People will think "once I get a job and make an x amount of money, I will feel happy or satisfied" or "once I get married I will feel fulfilled". Which is false. My biggest challenge right now is just learning how to enjoy the road to actually getting to my goals and dreams and not depend on a milestone to fulfill me. And sometimes I'm not going at actually "getting there", and I stumble upon a rough patch. I find strength in knowing that my hardships are just there to teach me and that when life gets tough it's up to me to make it better. 
Thank you so much Mila for being a guest on my blog today and participating in my new blog series "She is".


  1. love this post! so spot on!! i too struggle with figuring out who i am! i think we all do, & its so easy to get caught up in this blogging world and comparing yourself to others is easy to do..& self doubt is real.beautiful words. nonetheless.

    ps i would love to collab with you!!


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