I don't know about you (but I'm feeling 22. Sorry had to throw in some T-Swift), but I hate washing my hair. I try to go as long as I can between washes, but a down side to this is that your hair can get extremely flat once you've slept on it. Today I'm sharing a few simple steps that I do everyday to ensure my hair stays voluminous and fresh. 
I try to use as little heat on my hair as I can so only curl my hair after I wash it, but everyday after that I just do the following steps and my hair looks pretty good for being second, third or fourth day hair. I took the pictures for this how-to with third day, so these steps really do work to bring life and volume back to your hair.
Step One: If you do not own a can of dry shampoo go out and buy one NOW!!! This stuff is seriously a girl's best friend in the form of a hair product! It's pretty much an all in one product. I use it directly on my roots to get rid of grease, but I also like to spray it throughout my hair for a quick little boost volume and texture. I've tried pretty much every dry shampoo out there, but the one I always come back to is Batiste in their original scent. For this look I just applied to my roots, lifting a few sections at a time and rubbing it into my scalp.

Quick Tip: I prefer to apply dry shampoo before I go to bed so the product can really soak into my hair overnight. Also don't forget to flip your head over and spray on the roots near your neck. Even though that part of hair isn't visible, it makes an incredible difference in volume.
Step Three: Spray some texturizing spray into your hair. I prefer to focus more on the bottom half of my hair, but you can spray it wherever you need more volume. 
My 3 favourite texturizing sprays at the moment are:
1. Fructis Style Texture Tease
2. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe
3. L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Texture Spray
Both the Fructis and L'Oreal ones are a dry spray so I prefer those two over the Not Your Mother's, which is a more wet formula. With that being said all three of these products are pretty outstanding.
Step Three: Gently rub pieces of hair between your thumb and fingers to work in the product. This step is absolutely essential if you want the volume to last for a long period of time.
And Voila!!! Let me know if there are any specific "Hair How To's" you want me to do in the future!


  1. You are so ridiculously stunning! These photos look straight out of a magazine srsly. Also I should try texturizing spray!!

    1. Leah, you're seriously the sweetest!!! And yes yes yes! Go buy some now!!! Hands down a product I always have to have!


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