I know I've said this during every stage of Calvin's life, but this stage is definitely my favourite! He officially started crawling on Tuesday and he's been go go go every since!!! I love watching him discover, explore and learn. I love how he crawls over to me when he wants to cuddle. I love how he makes funny faces to get a reaction from me. I love how he gets excited when Alex comes home from school or work. I love his determination as he chases Sammy throughout the apartment. My day pretty much consists of playing follow the leader (Sammy always being the leader, then Calvin, then myself)

A couple days ago I was ordering some pictures for his birthday party (how the heck is going to be one in a month??!), and I couldn't help but cry a little. Being with him everyday, I haven't noticed the changes that slowly happen over time. I feel like out of the blue he's gotten thick hair and no longer has that "baby look". He seriously has made being a mom so much fun!

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  1. aw! girrlll i feel you! my baby girl will be one in two months and I've been crying here and there :'(


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