Nivea In-Shower Body Milk: I was so intrigued by this stuff that I had to give it try! I'm not a huge fan of using body lotion in the spring and summer just because it feels too thick and sticky for the hotter months. This stuff is seriously the best for keeping my skin hydrated but without leaving a thick residue behind. 

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips: Lately my lips have been pretty dry and my go-to lip balm (EOS) was not doing the job. I love the new design that Vaseline has come out with for their lip products. It was such a pain before when they were in a tub. I hated digging my finger inside and getting product stuck under my nails. I love how hydrating this lip treatment is, and it also has a pretty subtle, natural pink colour to it.

Quo Basic Eyeshadow in Sand: I kind of stumbled upon this product by accident and I am SO glad I did. This colour is the perfect cool toned brown accent my crease.

Illuminating Concealer by Joe Fresh: I mentioned in my last currently loving post that it's really hard to find makeup that matches my skin tone since I am so pale. I finally found a concealer that matches me perfectly!!!!! 

Skin fix Hand Repair Cream: A couple weeks ago I started getting a little dry patch on the palm of my right hand. I seriously have no idea where it came from or what caused it. This hand cream has easily become my favourite, and I carry it around everywhere with me! It soaks right into the skin and has not strong scent to it either.


  1. I'm so intrigued by that Body Milk stuff! I'm gonna have to give it a try real soon!

    1. I was too!! It's such a unique concept I knew I had to try it!!

  2. I definitely need to try that in-shower lotion!

  3. I LOVE the in shower body lotion! It's changed my routine 100%. Just found your blog and excited to follow along!


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