This post is in collaboration with Kaye from Always, Kaye
A few weeks ago my friend Kaye asked if I wanted to participate in a collaboration she was hosting in honour of International Women's Day. As part of this collar she wanted me to answer the question: "What does being a woman mean to you?" I immediately thought of specific women that have had an influence in my life and characteristics that they possess that I hope to acquire. The three adjectives that stick out to me about these women are:

devoted, steadfast, nurturing 

There are so many ways and things we can devoted to. It could be a person, a cause, a way of life. I could't help but think of my teachers while I was a youth, and their complete dedication and devotion to each and every one of their students. I felt each of their love for me as an individual. I knew I could turn to them for guidance or a listening ear. They'd stood by and for me no matter what.

There are so many women in my life that demonstrate steadfastness. They stand firm for their beliefs and will not be moved no matter what obstacle stands in their way. Even if the world is trying to change them, they stay true and constant.

I can't help but associate mothers with women, especially since becoming a mom myself. I think of my mom raising me with love, support and encouragement. Knowing she was trying to do her best for me always helped me get through. There is a certain kind of love you can only experience once you become a mom. I am so grateful that as a woman I get to have such a special gift. It's all I ever wanted to be, and I feel absolutely complete now that I have this role.


  1. haha I thought you said Kanye at first and I was like "that doesnt make sense!!!" but apparently i just can't read. anyway, love this post. definitely needed to hear it. i have been thinking a lot lately about that word, "nurturing", in terms of being a woman. I'm not one to subscribe to super strict gender roles, but I feel like being nurturing is a huge part of my femininity, personally. I don't have kids so it's not quite the same level as motherhood, but I feel so complete and happy when I take care of my pets or take care of animals while volunteering or cook dinner for my husband or even water my plants. to be 100% honest I have never really been sure how I feel about kids (all the other girls in my ward LOVED babysitting and I thought kids were kind of annoying haha) but my love for nurturing assures me that when I come into that role I will cherish it and do my best at it.

    1. I love everything about your comment!! It's so unbelievably true that you can nurture in so many ways! I think of women I know who don't have children, and yet are such examples to me of nurturers!!


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