I have mentioned this many times before, but I am not a big fan of change. Fear of the unknown is definitely something I have always struggled with. So instead of saying "change" I'm trying to replace it with the word transition. Hopefully that will help me to view change as a good thing, rather than something to be feared.

With all that being said, we are going to be experiencing quite the transition in a few months. Alex will be finishing school in a few weeks and he has been applying to jobs ever since November. For as long as I've known him, Alex has been attending Carleton University. Looking back on the past 4 years, I've realized that every year of him being at school, something big has happened to us. First year we got engaged. Second year we were newlyweds. Third year I was pregnant. Fourth year we started raising Calvin. I can't believe that in a few short weeks he will be finished!!

Ever since we got married we've been open to moving anywhere in Canada, but it would happened once Alex graduated. But because him graduating felt like a million years away, I never really thought about it, until now. This is all getting just a little too real and little too scary for me. My mind quickly becomes filled with "What if's". What if we move to an area where we have no family? What if the ward we move into is unwelcoming? What if we move to a city where the midwifery community isn't as strong as it is here in Ottawa? What if it takes a long time for us to get a job offer? What if Alex ends up hating his new job? What if? What if? What if?!!!

Then all of a sudden all the questions go away and I feel calm. Alex already has an incredible retail job that pays well, and has promised him full time hours once he finishes school. Luckily we won't need to look for a job in complete desperation. And at the end of the day, everything will work out the way it's supposed to. Maybe we will stay in Ottawa. Maybe our family will end up in a city and realize that is the place we need to raise our children. Who knows. All I do know is that no matter what, we will experience this transition together as a family.



In today's Hair How To, I'm going to be showing you how to get these soft subtle curls. When I was in high school I used to curl my hair all the time, but I would never touch my hair once I finished curling. I would overload it with hairspray which made them very hard and crunchy. I literally looked like a spring head! Nowadays I much prefer softer curls.

To get these curls I used my 2 inch Hot Tools curling iron. I have 2 different Hot Tools curling irons and I love them both! You can choose your heat setting, it takes just a few seconds to heat up and it never leaves my hair feeling dry or damaged.

Anyways... To start this look you are going to want freshly washed hair. I let my hair air dry to about 70%, then quickly blow dried it.
Step One: Start off with straightening the bottom half of your hair. This step keeps the ends more tame and also stops the curls from getting too springy looking. 
Step two: I usually divide my hair into 3 sections, then I curl 1 inch pieces. When you curl, clamp right at the root then curl away from your face while opening and closing the clamp. Leave the ends out while keeping your hair in the curling iron for 7-10 seconds.
Step Three: At this point you're going to look like Goldie Locks. Let your curls sit for about 2-3 minutes so they can set before you start messing them around.
Step Four: Start to deconstruct your curls by gently running your fingers through your hair. You can also use your hair brush to do this, just make sure you do it very softly. 
Step Five: I could go on, and on and on about this stuff, it's the only hair product that I use every single day. I prefer using these type of sprays over hairspray because they do basically the same thing without leaving a crunch residue. Not to mention I love the volume it gives! Lift your hair at the root and spray generously through your curls. Don't forget to work the product in with your fingers.
And there you go! Subtle, voluminous curls that aren't tight or crunchy.



Nivea In-Shower Body Milk: I was so intrigued by this stuff that I had to give it try! I'm not a huge fan of using body lotion in the spring and summer just because it feels too thick and sticky for the hotter months. This stuff is seriously the best for keeping my skin hydrated but without leaving a thick residue behind. 

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips: Lately my lips have been pretty dry and my go-to lip balm (EOS) was not doing the job. I love the new design that Vaseline has come out with for their lip products. It was such a pain before when they were in a tub. I hated digging my finger inside and getting product stuck under my nails. I love how hydrating this lip treatment is, and it also has a pretty subtle, natural pink colour to it.

Quo Basic Eyeshadow in Sand: I kind of stumbled upon this product by accident and I am SO glad I did. This colour is the perfect cool toned brown accent my crease.

Illuminating Concealer by Joe Fresh: I mentioned in my last currently loving post that it's really hard to find makeup that matches my skin tone since I am so pale. I finally found a concealer that matches me perfectly!!!!! 

Skin fix Hand Repair Cream: A couple weeks ago I started getting a little dry patch on the palm of my right hand. I seriously have no idea where it came from or what caused it. This hand cream has easily become my favourite, and I carry it around everywhere with me! It soaks right into the skin and has not strong scent to it either.



I don't know about you (but I'm feeling 22. Sorry had to throw in some T-Swift), but I hate washing my hair. I try to go as long as I can between washes, but a down side to this is that your hair can get extremely flat once you've slept on it. Today I'm sharing a few simple steps that I do everyday to ensure my hair stays voluminous and fresh. 
I try to use as little heat on my hair as I can so only curl my hair after I wash it, but everyday after that I just do the following steps and my hair looks pretty good for being second, third or fourth day hair. I took the pictures for this how-to with third day, so these steps really do work to bring life and volume back to your hair.
Step One: If you do not own a can of dry shampoo go out and buy one NOW!!! This stuff is seriously a girl's best friend in the form of a hair product! It's pretty much an all in one product. I use it directly on my roots to get rid of grease, but I also like to spray it throughout my hair for a quick little boost volume and texture. I've tried pretty much every dry shampoo out there, but the one I always come back to is Batiste in their original scent. For this look I just applied to my roots, lifting a few sections at a time and rubbing it into my scalp.

Quick Tip: I prefer to apply dry shampoo before I go to bed so the product can really soak into my hair overnight. Also don't forget to flip your head over and spray on the roots near your neck. Even though that part of hair isn't visible, it makes an incredible difference in volume.
Step Three: Spray some texturizing spray into your hair. I prefer to focus more on the bottom half of my hair, but you can spray it wherever you need more volume. 
My 3 favourite texturizing sprays at the moment are:
1. Fructis Style Texture Tease
2. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe
3. L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Texture Spray
Both the Fructis and L'Oreal ones are a dry spray so I prefer those two over the Not Your Mother's, which is a more wet formula. With that being said all three of these products are pretty outstanding.
Step Three: Gently rub pieces of hair between your thumb and fingers to work in the product. This step is absolutely essential if you want the volume to last for a long period of time.
And Voila!!! Let me know if there are any specific "Hair How To's" you want me to do in the future!



Oh spring! Although we still have a teeny tiny bit of snow left, I can feel spring is here! Everything inside of me comes alive during this time of year! I am such a recluse in the winter, so when the weather gets nicer and the sun is shinning I automatically want to be outside. My goal is to get out for a walk everyday (except for rainy days of course!). As much as I love living in a city where I get to experience all four seasons, I am very much looking forward to sitting on the grass and soaking up the sun.



I have been a huge fan of typography and graphic design for a few years now. There are so, so, so many amazing fonts and styles to choose from these days, that I thought I would share a few of my favourites and where to find them. The ones I am sharing today are my favourite brush/calligraphy fonts.
Magnolia Sky
Modesty Regular
Asmae One
Bolten Regular



Hello everyone at These Are The Days! My Name is Chealsey, and I blog over at Chealsey Walton Blog. I'm a wife, momma, & a bulldog lover. I have 2 of them & boy are they stubborn. I'm so excited to write this guest post on Beech's blog & be part of her finding strength series, but I am also very nervous. Something you should know about me is that I'm not very good at expressing how I feel.

I'm the one who keeps everything bottled in until I break & I'm trying no to do that. It is very hard for me to be strong, it is very hard for me to find my strength & it is very easy for me to loose myself. After all I am human. While you are trying to be strong no mater the situation, know that it is ok to breakdown once in a while, to have a long cry, to avoid a situation that's making you sad to take some time for yourself & know that whatever you're going through things are going to get better. From the bad day you're having, a death you're grieving, a job you've lost, infertility issues, whatever the case may be I've been through everything listed above & it's not easy. There are times where I have wanted to give up many times. I continue to be surprised by how much strength I have. I believe we all have this greater inner strength, bigger than we may know ourselves. This quote has always stuck with me when I am going through tough times:

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
- A.A Milne
I have found my greatest strength through my daughter's eyes. I want to be strong for her, I want to tear he she can overcome any obstacle thrown her way as long as she believes in herself, but I also want her to know that it is ok to cry when she is sad, laugh when she is happy, be vulnerable when the time is right, that's it's ok to break down something. Because we are all human and we are all capable of strength, even if we are not during hard times. 



I know I've said this during every stage of Calvin's life, but this stage is definitely my favourite! He officially started crawling on Tuesday and he's been go go go every since!!! I love watching him discover, explore and learn. I love how he crawls over to me when he wants to cuddle. I love how he makes funny faces to get a reaction from me. I love how he gets excited when Alex comes home from school or work. I love his determination as he chases Sammy throughout the apartment. My day pretty much consists of playing follow the leader (Sammy always being the leader, then Calvin, then myself)

A couple days ago I was ordering some pictures for his birthday party (how the heck is going to be one in a month??!), and I couldn't help but cry a little. Being with him everyday, I haven't noticed the changes that slowly happen over time. I feel like out of the blue he's gotten thick hair and no longer has that "baby look". He seriously has made being a mom so much fun!



Girl Online by Zoe Sugg: Apparently I'm still a teenager when it comes to reading fiction, but I couldn't not read something written by Zoella. This girl is pretty much my favourite person I've never met. This book is seriously the cutest, light, quick read. Yes it was super unrealistic, yes it was super cheesy, but it was such a fun read. Definitely reading the second one!

Flow: I'm not a big gamer, but if I do play games they usually involve problem solving and mind exercises. So naturally this game is one of my favourites!

Stargazer Liquid Foundation in White: I am super pale, so even the lightest shade of foundation is still too dark or too orange for my skin tone. I ordered this foundation a few weeks ago and it is a miracle worker!!! I just put the tiniest dot on the back of my hand and then mix it with my foundation and it matches my skin perfectly!! If you are part of the pasty skin club like me, I highly recommend purchasing a white foundation! I seriously don't know why I didn't think of buying one sooner!

Make Me Brow by Essence: I usually stay away from brow gels because I can never find one that is the right colour. But when I saw this at the drugstore for only $3, I thought I would give it try, and boy oh boy am I happy I did!! It keeps my brows in place all day and isn't too thick.

Marvellous Oil by Garnier: If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know that I dyed my hair for the first time last Friday. Since I know have quite a lot of bleach in my hair, my ends are super dry and tangly. I was not prepared for how knotted my hair would get after I wash it. Luckily this hair oil completely saves my ends and doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down with product.
What have you been loving lately?



Click on the images below to save onto your computer! 

I hope you all have a great day and remember that you are beautiful! :) 



This post is in collaboration with Kaye from Always, Kaye
A few weeks ago my friend Kaye asked if I wanted to participate in a collaboration she was hosting in honour of International Women's Day. As part of this collar she wanted me to answer the question: "What does being a woman mean to you?" I immediately thought of specific women that have had an influence in my life and characteristics that they possess that I hope to acquire. The three adjectives that stick out to me about these women are:

devoted, steadfast, nurturing 

There are so many ways and things we can devoted to. It could be a person, a cause, a way of life. I could't help but think of my teachers while I was a youth, and their complete dedication and devotion to each and every one of their students. I felt each of their love for me as an individual. I knew I could turn to them for guidance or a listening ear. They'd stood by and for me no matter what.

There are so many women in my life that demonstrate steadfastness. They stand firm for their beliefs and will not be moved no matter what obstacle stands in their way. Even if the world is trying to change them, they stay true and constant.

I can't help but associate mothers with women, especially since becoming a mom myself. I think of my mom raising me with love, support and encouragement. Knowing she was trying to do her best for me always helped me get through. There is a certain kind of love you can only experience once you become a mom. I am so grateful that as a woman I get to have such a special gift. It's all I ever wanted to be, and I feel absolutely complete now that I have this role.



This post in collaboration with She Is Clothing

One of my favourite things about blogging is connecting with people that you wouldn't get a chance to if it weren't for the internet! Which is why I decided to start a new blog series featuring women from blogs I absolutely love reading. 
Hello everyone, I’m so excited to do a guest post for “These are the days”. I hope that I’m at least half as good as Bekah at being articulate in expressing my feelings through writing. Although I know I'm not, perhaps that's why it isn't my main form of a medium.

I’ve thought about this topic all week. At first, I wanted to write something moody, emotional, raw and perhaps even vague- that way I can give you a small glimpse into my life but not too much, just enough to keep you interested. However after thinking about the topic I realized that I find strength in being true and honest with myself. So here is to "being true and honest". 

So many times I’ve failed at a task but I also failed to admit that it’s okay to fail. Perhaps beating myself up for something I'm not good at is my biggest flaw (among many other ones, don't worry),I find strength in knowing that it’s okay to admit that we have failed because if we take it as a learning experience it will teach us how to recompose and try again. It’s okay to try different things, or to get to one point in your life and think “hey, I’m actually not happy” as long as you analyze your situation and make a change instead of giving up. Sometimes it's really hard to admit failure because we become so dependent on how we are perceived to our peers. 
I find strength in learning who I am each day. I find strength in growing, spending time to mediate and be alone for small periods of time each day. I really do enjoy my time alone because it let’s me enjoy my own company. Because if you can’t enjoy your own company, how do you expect others to enjoy your company? 
I suppose my biggest struggle right now is learning how to really love myself and allow myself room for error. And I find strength in knowing that my journey is just one giant learning and growing process. Sometimes I think that we look upon life as if it's just one end point. People will think "once I get a job and make an x amount of money, I will feel happy or satisfied" or "once I get married I will feel fulfilled". Which is false. My biggest challenge right now is just learning how to enjoy the road to actually getting to my goals and dreams and not depend on a milestone to fulfill me. And sometimes I'm not going at actually "getting there", and I stumble upon a rough patch. I find strength in knowing that my hardships are just there to teach me and that when life gets tough it's up to me to make it better. 
Thank you so much Mila for being a guest on my blog today and participating in my new blog series "She is".



Age: 11 months. I'm kind of having a freak out over here. I just looked through all his monthly updates and cried a little! It's crazy to see how much he has changed and grown, and yet it feels like yesterday he was our little newborn!

Clothing: 12-18 months, 18-24 months, size 4 diapers

Teeth: 2 bottom, and 2 top

Baby Development: (1) This kid is definitely a mover now! He doesn't really crawl, but he drags himself on his belly, sort of like a seal. It doesn't sound very effective, but boy oh boy does he move fast. Our apartment has become a whole new world for him to explore. I pretty much just follow him around from room to room all day. (2) He loves to clap when we say "yay!" and wave when we say "bye-bye". It's seriously the cutest thing!!

Likes: (1) Our cat Sammy. He literally spends his every waking moment following him around. He thinks he is the funniest thing. When Sammy gets annoyed, Calvin just giggles away. Sammy is completely uninterested unfortunately, but luckily he is a super chill cat so he doesn't hiss or bite at him. (2) He really loves blueberry and vanilla puffs, which I don't blame him, they are crazy yummy!! (3) He adores been thrown up in the air, especially by Alex.



It's time again for another "how we wore it" post! I absolutely love taking part in this series and seeing how everyone else chooses to recreate the look we are given. This month's look is from the blog Mint Arrow.
I absolutely love this look, but the weather over here is still pretty miserable and cold so a sweater and leggings is a much more appropriate option. I took inspiration from the colour of the dress and thought this sweater was much cozier, and to be honest, more me. I feel like this is more of a realistic how I wear it since most days I'm at home chilling in my leggings, playing on the floor with Calvin. 
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Over the past couple of months I've kind of felt like I have just been coasting when it came to living the gospel. I've been reading my scriptures, going to church, praying individually as well as with Alex, but something was missing. Since being called into primary it's been hard to get the normal spiritual experiences I usually receive during Sunday meetings. So I decided to take time everyday to listen, read and study a talk given during past General Conferences. Today was my first day committing to do it and it was such a tender mercy.

I clicked on the October 2015 conference and started listening to the first talk that was listed. Little did I know that that talk would hit me to my very core and touch me so deeply. Everything that was said was exactly what I needed to hear. The talk is entitled Discovering the Divinity Within and it was given by Rosemary M. Wixom. She didn't speak about anything that is new to me, but the timing couldn't have been more perfect for me to be reminded of things I already knew. The experience I had was very personal, and I'm not going to share the details. I just wanted to share the talk on here in case you needed to hear her message, just as I did. 

God is real. 

His love for each of us is real.

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