This year I really wanted to make an extra effort on staying organized. From cleaning, to eating and blogging, I wanted to stay on top of things and not be stuck trying to figure things out last minute. So I obviously turned to Pinterest for some planners and calendars. I found some simple (and free) ones from the Day Designer that I have become obsessed with! They literally have made all the difference in helping me stay organized. 
Here are a few tips that have helped me stay organized with my blog:

1// Plan it out. For me this step takes the most time. I like to take time and brainstorm different ideas for posts. I like to look on Pinterest for inspiration, as well as thinking of things that I enjoy. Then I think of what pictures/graphics I want to incorporate into the post. I like to have a lot of my posts ready to go a few days before I publish them. This way I can take my time in the editing process, and the post can be live first thing in the morning.

2// Schedule.  Once I have all my blog ideas figured out for the month, I schedule when I'm going to post them. This gives me the opportunity to make sure I have a good mixture of content. This year I wanted to focus on consistency, so in February I decided to give myself a weekly blogging schedule where I post 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Those 3 posts are my main content, but if I am ever in the mood to vent my thoughts I still have the liberty to write any other day of the week. Having that set schedule gives me reassurance that I will content for people to read.

3// Write it down. Making lists and keeping things visible is a big big help for me! I like to have my blog calendar on the fridge so I can see what posts are coming up, what I need to still work on and what weeks I need to prepare for. I feel so much more productive when I see a full calendar of things I am prepared for.

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