Age: 10 months. I seriously can not believe he is going to be a year in a couple months! Where has the time gone??!!

Clothing: 12-18 months

Teeth: 2 bottom, and 1 top

Baby Development: (1) I know I said this last month, but crawling is so, so, so close! He can move backwards super well, and is able to get onto his knees really well. (2) We no longer use his bath support so he now just sits in the tub and plays with his bath toys. He loves to splash and kick his legs  and since the bath is so slippery he's able to move around and spin. It's super entertaining. (3) He sometimes claps when we say "yay". But only sometimes. He also shakes his head when we say "shake, shake, shake".

Likes: (1) Sweet potatoes (2) He loves when we change the lyrics from "Baby Beluga" to "Calvin Baronins". He dances and laughs every time we sing. He also likes "Do you know the muffin man" and "Row, row, row your boat". (3) My parents got him some Ikea wooden building blocks and he can not get enough of them! Everyday, all day he sits on the floor bitting and playing with them. He loves destroying towers that I make, and stealing the blocks that I am playing with. Apparently the blocks I play with are so much more fun, than the ones he already has ;)

Other: The past couple of days I've been planning his birthday theme, decorations and activities. I'm getting really excited, but also a little sad since he is growing SO fast!!


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