When I was a teenager, I was convinced I was the type of girl who didn't like getting flowers from a guy. For some reason cheesy, lovey, dovey stuff just seemed unrealistic to me. Don't get me wrong, I loved a good chick flick, but I was always skeptical when the lead guy would do something so spontaneously romantic. It seemed to good to be true, and little too perfect in my teenage mind. Maybe it was my self conscious self thinking that a guy would never do that for me, but even when Alex and I were engaged, I thought I wouldn't want random little tokens of affection from Alex. Our first Valentine's we decided that since Alex had class until 9pm, that we wouldn't do anything to celebrate. I was still in the whole "anti-lovey-dovey" stuff phase (or so I thought), so I wasn't bothered by the whole idea of spending Valentine's apart. Then Valentine's came and at 12 I heard the doorbell. To my surprise, Alex was standing on my front porch with a bouquet of flowers and smile from ear to ear. He had a couple hours in between classes so he bused all the way across the city just to see me for an hour. Something happened to me that day. I realized that guys actually do spontaneous romantic things. And most of all I realized that it's ok to like it when a guy buys you flowers.

Over the course of our marriage Alex has bought me flowers for quite a few special occasions and has surprised me multiple times. But there was something special about yesterday. It was a just a normal Tuesday. Nothing to celebrate, nothing out of the ordinary. And yet when Alex came home from school he was holding a single blush toned rose for me. My immediate reaction was "Why did you buy me a rose?" His response was so pure and beautiful that I am keeping it to myself. No matter how many days I spend with this boy, I fall deeper and deeper in love with him.

That one little rose means so much to me. Something so simple that has struck me so deep.


  1. this is so sweet! I LOVE it when my husband buys me flowers for no reason at all!

  2. I love this. And totally relate to it. I used to think I didn't care about getting flowers or other romantic gestures - and I'm sure it was because deep down I thought I'd never be on the receiving end of it. Now that I am, there is seriously nothing sweeter.

  3. Little romantic gestures are much better than the "big stuff."


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