For this week's Valentine's makeup look, I thought it would be fun to do something inspired by the 1950s. I don't know about you, but I am major fan of winged eyeliner and bright red lipstick. There's just something about the 1950s that screams Valentines to me. I wanted to do something a little outside of my comfort zone with my hair, so I tried some pin curls. I mean come on, when it comes to the 50s, go big or go home! Here are the products I used to achieve this look.
Stila Eyeshadow Palette in In The Know: I have owned this palette for a little over 3 years and I've only hit pan on one eyeshadow, which is phenomenal. I used the top left shadow for all over my lid, then used the middle shadow on the bottom to gently define my crease. These eyeshadows blend out beautifully and are extremely long lasting.

Essence Waterproof Felt Tip Eyeliner: I've tried many (high end and drugstore) felt tip eyeliners, and this is by far the best one I have ever used. This stuff does not budge once you apply. I've even taken a nap while wearing it and there was no smudging or fading. The tip is also very easy to control so it isn't too difficult to add a wing to your liner. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: The is my second favourite mascara next to the Covergirl Super Sizer mascara. It makes my lashes fan out a little more, so I use this mascara whenever I do winged eyeliner.

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter: This product adds just a hint of highlight without making it look glittery. Just the perfect amount of glow. Since it is a cream product though you need to dab  when you are applying because it will take off your foundation if you rub it on.

Nyx Blush in Mauve: This blush is great for pairing with bright lip colours since it isn't too overpowering. It's still pretty pigmented, but because the colour isn't too intense, it has a more natural effect.

Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang: When it comes to a classic red lip this is my favourite product to use. It lasts the whole day and doesn't dry out your lips, which is crucial when you are wearing such a bright colour.
 If you missed last weeks makeup look click here. Don't forget to come back next Friday for another Valentine's inspired makeup look!



When I was a teenager, I was convinced I was the type of girl who didn't like getting flowers from a guy. For some reason cheesy, lovey, dovey stuff just seemed unrealistic to me. Don't get me wrong, I loved a good chick flick, but I was always skeptical when the lead guy would do something so spontaneously romantic. It seemed to good to be true, and little too perfect in my teenage mind. Maybe it was my self conscious self thinking that a guy would never do that for me, but even when Alex and I were engaged, I thought I wouldn't want random little tokens of affection from Alex. Our first Valentine's we decided that since Alex had class until 9pm, that we wouldn't do anything to celebrate. I was still in the whole "anti-lovey-dovey" stuff phase (or so I thought), so I wasn't bothered by the whole idea of spending Valentine's apart. Then Valentine's came and at 12 I heard the doorbell. To my surprise, Alex was standing on my front porch with a bouquet of flowers and smile from ear to ear. He had a couple hours in between classes so he bused all the way across the city just to see me for an hour. Something happened to me that day. I realized that guys actually do spontaneous romantic things. And most of all I realized that it's ok to like it when a guy buys you flowers.

Over the course of our marriage Alex has bought me flowers for quite a few special occasions and has surprised me multiple times. But there was something special about yesterday. It was a just a normal Tuesday. Nothing to celebrate, nothing out of the ordinary. And yet when Alex came home from school he was holding a single blush toned rose for me. My immediate reaction was "Why did you buy me a rose?" His response was so pure and beautiful that I am keeping it to myself. No matter how many days I spend with this boy, I fall deeper and deeper in love with him.

That one little rose means so much to me. Something so simple that has struck me so deep.



Valentine's decorations always make me happy. Anything that is pink and involves hearts is ok in my book. There are so many cute decor ideas and printables on Pinterest, but I wanted to make something that was simple but sweet.
I've always loved typography and graphic design, so I thought I would make free printables a regular thing on this blog. Just click the link below to download for yourself! 



I'm not going to lie, Valentine's has never been one of my favourite holidays. I really don't like "greeting card" holidays. I much prefer random acts of love than doing something special because it's a holiday. We should treat our loved ones like everyday is Valentine's day.
Now with that being said, this year I find that I'm randomly really excited for Valentine's day. Alex and I don't have any plans (which I am 100% happy with). For some reason I just want to decorate our place with hearts and red and pink. So I thought that I would share a few different makeup looks you could try for Valentine's Day. 
To start things off I pretty much did my everyday makeup but added a really dark, vampy lipstick to add a little "something-something" to the look. I kept may face and eyes super simple so they wouldn't be competing with the bold lip colour. Here are the following products I used (I am using the same foundation and concealer for all makeup looks, so I will just share the products that will be changing with every look)
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Barely Branded: This stuff is seriously the greatest. Since it is cream based, you can use it as a primer underneath your eyeshadow, or by itself. It's also has the perfect amount of shimmer to use an under the brow highlight. I love how versatile it is.

Maybelline Lip Studio Colour Blur in Plum Please: When I first saw this colour, I almost didn't buy because of how bold it is, but I'm glad I took a chance. The texture of these lipsticks are incredible! They glide on so easily and keep my lips hydrated. There is nothing more annoying than feeling your lipstick crease and crack throughout the day, so I love that this lip pencil leaves very little residue on the lips. 

Revlon Blush in Rose Glow: I usually prefer matte versus shimmery blushes, but when I saw this blush a few months ago I absolutely fell in love with the colour. The shimmer isn't too chunky or glittery so it's adds the perfect amount of glow to your face, without making you look like a disco ball. The colour is very natural, but has enough pigment to give your cheeks a little flushed look.

Covergirl Supersizer Mascara: I used to only use mascaras with brush applicators as opposed to plastic wands. But I heard so many great things about this mascara, I thought I would give it a whirl. It has easily become my go-to favourite mascara. I like to have about 3-4 different mascaras for different looks, but recently I've been grabbing this one every single day. I love every thing about it. The wand, the product itself, and the way it makes my lashes look. 
I'll be posting a new makeup look every Friday until Valentine's day, so make sure to come back to see more looks!



Lately I have had such a desire to write on this blog, but I'm not exactly sure what to write about. I feel like I really neglected this blog in 2015. As much as I love writing posts about Calvin and his progress, I don't want it to be the only thing I document. Being a mother is one the biggest and greatest roles in my life, but I am so much more than that. There are so many other things that make up who I am. I've been thinking a lot lately about the word "identity". When I look back on these posts I want them to reflect what makes up my identity, or at least what I was in 2016.

A few years ago I posted every single day on my blog. I love looking back and seeing what was important to me in that year, and how my interests and priorities have changed. But for some reason I'm scared. Which is ridiculous. But it's true. I'm scared to put myself out there, to just write again. So I'm going to force myself to just do it. So get ready for some posts that are going to ramble on, and some that have very little words and are full of pictures. Anything goes I guess.



41 weeks pregnant, 41 weeks with Calvin

Weird to think that 41 weeks ago to the day Calvin was born. The picture on the left was the last picture I took with my pregnant belly. I really did love being pregnant, but having him here has been so much more fun! It literally seems like yesterday that I was pregnant, and the pregnancy definitely felt longer than the last 41 weeks did! Time sure does fly!



Age: 9 months (and 4 days to be exact)

Clothing: 12-18 months

Sleeping: We bought him a sleeping sack a couple weeks back and he transitioned really well into it. His sleeping is a little all over the place because of teething, but we can usually expect him to wake up once a night.

Baby Development: (1) Over the past month he has gotten 2 teeth. Teething kind of sucks. We've had a few rough nights, but on the whole he's still a pretty content little fellow. (2) He is so close to crawling. He's been planking the past couple of days, but still not steady forward movement.

Likes: (1) Apples (2) He's been able to sit up by himself for the past couple months, but lately he really loves to just sit in the middle of the living room surrounded by toys and books. (3) Watching videos of himself. (4) Books! He gets so excited whenever we turn a page, it's seriously way too entertaining!

Other: We have baby proofed (or so we think) our living room, just in case he starts moving over the next couple of weeks.



I had already lost 10 pounds 2 weeks before Christmas (gained 4 of it back during the holidays...oops), so I plan on continuing to stay on top of what I am putting into my body and how much I am exercising. Calvin will be crawling very soon and I want to be able to keep up with him without losing my breath. The past year I really let my exercising routine fade into being non existent, so I want to make more of an effort to feel strong and healthy again.

I want to start journaling more regularly again. I used to say that my blog was my journal, but to be honest there is so much I don't share on here. I want to focus more and meditating, and taking quiet time for myself to just write my feelings and thoughts.

I want to be more present this year. Less "netflixing", more playing with  Calvin, more talking with Alex. When I loose my cool, I want to respond in love, not anger. Patience is something I have always had trouble with, but I really want to work on it a lot more this year.

What are your goals for 2016?

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