How far along are you? 40 weeks! Any day now baby. We're not getting impatient or anything..

Weight gain: 38 pounds.

Sleep: My dreams have been getting weirder and weirder, so even though I sleep through the night, I wake feeling pretty restless. One of my favourite things as of late are naps. Can't get enough of them.

Movement: His shoulders have been causing quite a bit of problems lately. When he twists them I get quite a sharp pain along my pelvis and bladder. Not the most comfortable of experiences.

Favourite moments: The past couple nights Alex and I have been doing "nothing". Pretty much we just cuddle in bed and talk about how excited and impatient we are getting about meeting this little guy. Everything is going to change, but we couldn't be happier.

Weird pregnancy things: I have been having quite a few Braxton Hicks over the past week. Lots of uterus tightening, and lower back pain (again). Fingers crossed I don't have really bad back labour. Then again, my mom and midwives have quite a few tips to help with that!

Happy or moody? Happy, and super excited!!

Looking forward to: The weather has been getting nicer and nicer around here. I can't wait to go on walks with our son around our neighbourhood, and show him our favourite spots. And obviously I'm just looking forward to having him here!!!!!!!!! SO soon!!!!!



How far along are you? 39 weeks

Weight gain: 38 pounds. Be interesting to see if I hit the 40 mark ;)

Sleep: Good nights and bad nights. It really depends on what I have been doing during the day. If I've been cleaning and moving around quite a bit, I usually wake up a couple times with pains.

Movement: When I have a nice cold glass of water, or eat some grapes/fruit he gets pretty excited. He's also still hiccupping away!

Favourite moments: Sitting without saying a word and just watching him move. I'm trying to treasure these moments as long as I can. I can't believe he is going to be here so soon! I am going to absolutely miss having him all to myself, so I have been soaking up every last moment.

Weird pregnancy things: (1) My fingers have joined the swollen and chubby club. My engagement and wedding bands and quite tight, but I still refuse to take them off. They aren't at the uncomfortably tight stage yet. (2) My tailbone flares up now and again from the pressure of his head moving down. Not comfortable, but still bearable.

Happy or moody? Happy, but getting easily annoyed here and there. I've never been a fan of unsolicited advice, and I know people mean well and don't intend for it to come across the way it does, it's just something that has always bugged me. Every time someone asks how my pregnancy is going and I say: "Incredibly well, I've been so lucky. No complaints." I get a response like: "Oh give it a few weeks and you will be wishing this baby would come out. The last month is always the hardest, etc." It's as if people are wishing for me to have some sort of bad experience towards the end of my pregnancy, because they did. Maybe I'm being a little too harsh, but it's just how I have been feeling over the past few weeks. With that being said, I am grateful for the amount of support and love I have received from women of all ages and stages of life. I love being asked about my pregnancy and know that people are genuinely concerned/thinking about me. But trust me, when I say I'm doing incredibly well, I mean it. I've never been good at hiding my emotions, most people can read me like a book, so if I was having a rough time, trust me you would know about it.

Looking forward to: This Saturday my mom and I are attending a baby show which should be loads of fun. Then again, it all depends if baby is here or not.



+ We finally bought a pack of diapers, and some baby wash. We officially have everything we need for baby.

+ For the past few weeks I've been wanting to replace our dinning chairs. I prefer to sit at the dinning table while I am on my Macbook, and I've really been noticing how ridiculously uncomfortable our chairs are. There a couple chairs that I am loving at Ikea... so maybe I can convince Alex :)

+ I have been craving a cream egg Mcflurry for a few weeks now, so I asked my mom when she picked me up yesterday if we could stop by a McDonald's so I could finally have one.

+ I got the most awesome phone call from my brother today. Target Canada is closing, so the sales are crazy good right now. He called to see if I wanted him to pick up the new She & Him cd for only $6.50!!!! SO happy!!

+ The weather is absolutely stunning around here! The snow is disappearing so fast, and it has been sunny for at least a week now!

+ I've been taking a few mock driver's license tests online. Planning on getting my license in a few weeks. I haven't driven in years, so it's about time I got my license again.

+ Last night Alex and I went on one final date before baby arrives. It was nice to go out to dinner and just take our time talking and eating together. I love this husband of mine!



How far along are you? 38 weeks. This is getting way too exciting!!

Weight gain: 35 pounds

Sleep: On Monday I had the worst nights sleep I have had during this whole pregnancy. My hips have been really acting up, and since Alex went on an hour walk it didn't help things. Every time I changed positions it was super painful. Luckily after a blessing, it was able to feel better as the day went on yesterday, so last night I didn't wake up once. It was a beautiful thing!

Movement: He's definitely not moving as much as before, but that's understandable since he is really running out of space in there ;)

Favourite moments: The weather is finally warming up around here, so Alex and I went for a walk a few nights ago. Ever since we've been dating, we've been huge fans of just walking and talking. It's crazy to think that our walks are soon going to involve a stroller or wrap with a baby.

Weird pregnancy things: (1) This is probably a little TMI, but it takes no effort for me to pee. Seriously a sneeze and I leak a little. I laugh a little to hard and I have to walk to the bathroom with my legs together. I guess I really should be doing my kegels more often. (2) My feet have officially swollen. I noticed a couple days ago, and I laughed quite a bit. They look so short and chubby now!

Happy or moody? Happy of course!

Looking forward to: Is it weird that I am really looking forward to being able to sleep on my stomach again? Side sleeping has really been messing with my hips.



I've noticed that over the course of my pregnancy, I've been reaching for about the same 8 items. I thought I would share with you all the things that I couldn't live without during my pregnancy.


1// Coconut Oil: This is actually a recent discovery that I wish I had known about sooner. My midwife suggested that I use coconut oil on my belly to reduce my stretch marks and help to keep my belly moisturized. I've tried a few different moisturizers, and my belly would still be dry and itchy. But this stuff is seriously a miracle worker! I've only been applying since Tuesday, and already my stretch marks have slightly faded.

2// Back Massager: I've had quite a few bad knots in my back during this pregnancy, so back massages quickly became a nightly ritual for Alex and I.

3// Honey and Oat Face Mask: I really wanted to make sure that during my pregnancy I would still pamper myself now and again. Every couple weeks I would apply this mask and my skin would instantly feel hydrated and refreshed.


4// Hummus: For the first 3-4 months of my pregnancy, pita and hummus was the only thing I had an appetite for. Couldn't get enough of this stuff.

5// Pear Applesauce: I can not begin to tell you how amazing this applesauce is! It's definitely helped when I've had a sudden sweet craving.


6// Cotton nightgown: Although I do not have this exact nightgown, I have one very similar by the same company. PJs were way to uncomfortable for me, and I found I was overheating way to easily at night. So I have been using just a basic cotton nightgown that is so stretchy, it's been able to last my whole pregnancy and still be comfortable.

7// H&M Maternity Tee: H&M hands down makes my favourite maternity wear. I really wanted to stick to staple/basic pieces when it came to buying my maternity clothes, so they could last over a few pregnancies. These basic tees are so awesome!! Stretchy, but tight so they still show off your baby bump nicely.

8// H&M Maternity Jeans: I have 2 maternity jeans from H&M and I have pretty much lived in them during my pregnancy. When you're pregnant, it's awkward to move and bend, so the last thing you want are jeans that restrict your movement. Luckily both pairs I own are super stretchy, and aren't too thick so you're not getting too hot. Love, love, love them!



During the course of our marriage, Alex and I have been blessed beyond measure. Especially in terms of our financial and physical needs. Since I attended a university in my hometown, I was able to go to school for 3 years, have zero student debt and still have quite a cushion of savings behind me. I'd never owned a credit card, and the concept of debt was completely foreign to me. Luckily Alex had very little student debt, considering he lived on campus which is a huge expense.

Spring 2013 was a pretty stressful time for us. We only had a few months before our wedding, and our income wasn't looking so good. My hours were being cut at work, and Alex was desperately looking for employment but nothing was coming up. Then within a few weeks of each other we both found work. I was able to get a full time job at Target, while Alex was hired at A&W. The next few months were interesting. I would come home absolutely raving about my job, while Alex couldn't stand working in fast food (who'd blame him?).

In November 2013 I get a text completely out of the blue from a good from of mine, asking if Alex was still looking for employment. I replied that he had a job, but that he is still open to job opportunities. A couple weeks later, Alex went to job interview to be a supervisor for Shoppers Drugmart, and was offered the job on the spot. Not only was this job a whole $3/hr more pay, but it was also super close to our apartment. Because of this new job, and our budget, we were able to grow our savings by quite a lot over the next year.

When we first found out we were pregnant, I had a mental plan of how my maternity benefits would work. I planned on working until February/March, take my maternity leave, then quit while I was on leave so I would still receive my benefits, but would not have to return to work. But things didn't exactly work out according to plan. Target were not allowing anyone to book off from December 21-28, and since we had already had our plane tickets booked to Winnipeg for Christmas, I had to quit my job 3 months earlier. It was quite a blow, and I quickly became worried about financing and how would survive without dipping too much into our savings. We were still in a great situation financially because of our savings, but I was terrified to watch our savings slowly fad away instead of grow.

Then something incredible happened. A friend of mine who is also pregnant mentioned that if I had worked more than 600 hours in the year 2014, I would qualify for maternity benefits through Employment Insurance. So I got all my paperwork together and applied. After a month of waiting, Alex logged into our online banking account and notice quite a large sum from EI. Not only will I be receiving the benefits for a full year (as opposed to 17 weeks with just regular maternity benefits), but my monthly pay will allow us to continue to add to our savings.

Now I am not sharing this experience to boast, or make it sound like we are rolling around in money.  I am just completely shocked and grateful to such a huge blessing. Heavenly Father really has been looking after us, and is aware of our individual needs. This whole experience has really humbled me. Sometimes all it takes is a small little action on our part, and He makes up all the difference.



How far along are you? 37 weeks. I am officially considered full term which is super exciting!!!

Weight gain: 32 pounds. Oddly enough I actually lost a few pounds over this past week, not exactly sure how but ah well.

Sleep: I'm still waking up now and again, but it's not affecting me too much thankfully!

Movement: He's still convinced that he can get out through my belly button. Keeps trying to burrow himself out.

Favourite moments: The closer I get to my due date, the more people have been talking about their experiences in labour and motherhood. I love how every woman has a different experience, and does what she feels is best for her and baby. Luckily I haven't been bombarded with unsolicited advice, but rather have felt the love that each of these women have for their little miracles. Whether their children are still babies, or in their teens, they talk as if it happened yesterday. I hope to cherish each experience as well as they do.

Weird pregnancy things: (1) Since Sunday I have already noticed a difference in how I am carrying. The baby has definitely dropped quite a bit which has helped with my breathing. (2) Last night I had a little bit of a false alarm. I was getting really bad lower back pain, and a couple of cramps/contractions. I popped a Tylenol and went to bed, and nothing has progressed since. He must have just been moving and creating pressure on my back. I was trying not to get my hopes up, but I really just want to hold him in my arms already!

Happy or moody? Happy and over the moon excited!

Looking forward to: As the weeks keep going by faster and faster, I can not wait to get to know this little individual and see what a change will take place in our family.



This winter seems to have lasted forever.
It has been miserably cold, and so much snow fell during February.
But since Friday the weather has started to ease up a bit.
The snow is starting to look slightly mucky, which can only mean one thing:
Now I have lived in Ottawa my whole life, and should have learned by now not that winter doesn't go away without putting up a fight.
But I can't help but think about how beautiful life will be this spring.

Today I have the windows open, and the sun is beaming through our entire apartment.
I feel alive.
I want to be able to go on walks down by the river again.
I want to take a blanket and go to the field across our street and daydream.
I want to show my son our favourites spots in our darling neighbourhood.
I want to no longer feel like a hermit and to enjoy the outdoors again.

So winter, do me a favour: go away quickly and gently this year.

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