Last week I had to opportunity to travel to Washington DC with my family. Alex had a bunch of school work to do so he had to stay home. It was hard being away from each other for so long, but I am so glad I got to see places I have wanted to see since I was a child. Like most LDS members in North America, for quite a period of time the Washington DC temple was "their" temple. My parents, among many were married and sealed in this beautiful building for time and all eternity 34 years ago.
It was an experience I will never forget as I walked the halls of this sacred place, wearing the very same shoes my mom wore on her wedding day. Andrew, Kelsi and I went to last session the first night we got there, and the temple workers allowed us to explore the sealing rooms. All the lights were off on the floor and it was completely empty. We were able to wander around the sealing rooms and see where both my parents and Kelsi's parents were sealed. 
I am so grateful for these sacred buildings that allow us to participate in ordinances that are necessary for our progression. The family truly is forever.


  1. Stopped by to checkout your How We Wore It post - but had to comment - that photo with you in the beanie and the babe is to DIE for. So darling. Way too darling, actually.

  2. Your pictures make me so happy! When we lived in Maryland I got so lost during rush hour and I was so scared and I came over the highway and the DC temple was right there and it left me speechless! They are such gorgeous pictures!


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