Growing up my family always took pictures on the stairs on Christmas morning. No matter what our mood was (there's a few pictures of me flat out scowling), my parents would get everyone together and snap a couple pictures. We would get a little impatient since we wanted to open our gifts, but looking back I'm so glad that we have pictures from all those Christmas mornings. 
Since we got married, we've adopted the same tradition. This year we had a new cute face which melts me. 
I have always loved Christmas morning, and not just because of the presents. I love staying in my pjs until noon, watching/listening to our new gifts, spending time as a family wishing time would just stop. I also love watching people's reactions when they open the gifts I bought them. The kinds of gifts that are simple, but always create the biggest smiles.
My wish is that as Calvin grows he will remember that simplicity is always best as we remember the simple circumstances in which the Saviour was born. After all, if it weren't for that first Christmas gift, we wouldn't have any of our blessings today. 

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  1. Your tree! I am loving the silver and gold theme you've got going on, just lovely! And what a cute little family. My husband and I don't have children yet but I imagine that it will make Christmas just that much more special when we do.


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