Age: 8 months (and 9 days to be exact)

Clothing: 12-18 months

Sleeping: He's getting back into a more regular sleeping pattern. Bed at 8:30-9, wakes up

Baby Development: (1) He has two little teeth that are so close to coming in! You can see the little indents! (2) He's been copying certain actions I do now and again which entertains the both of us for quite a long time. Especially when he plays peekaboo.

Likes: (1) When someone blows in his face. He loves the sudden burst of air in his face. (2) Pear. This kid downed an entire squeeze pouch of pear baby food in like 5 minutes. (3) He absolutely loves having his legs chubbed and tickled. Such a squealer when he's tickled. (4) The song Round and Round the Garden along with the actions. (5) Tummy Time. Still no sign of crawling, but he sure loves kicking his legs!

Dislikes: Surprisingly mango is the only food so far that Calvin has denied retrying. Well that and formula. Since I was sick the past week my milk supply went really low so we tried to give him formula and he kept turning his head away. Can you blame him? If I had been used to eating cream, there is no way I would eat powdered milk ;)

Other: Alex's parents are coming down for Christmas!!!!! We didn't think it was going to be possible since his dad used up all his vacation days, but it looks like they were able to figure something out! I am so beyond excited for Christmas this year and to see Calvin's reaction to wrapping paper. It's seriously going to be the best!
I know it's blurry, but I am so glad I got a picture of Calvin's "silly face"


  1. His expressions! Gwen won't drink formula either. I'm not bothered by it most of the time, but sometimes it would be convenient! Oh well.

  2. I love that he never has socks in these pictures, so I can love his "little" feet!


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