Age: 7 months!!

Sleeping: Recently sleep has been a little weird with Calvin. He slept better as a one month old than he does now. He wakes usually once a night, but goes right back. We're thinking he's a little uncomfortable from his eczema flare up.

Baby Development: This child loves rolling, although he doesn't do it too often. He's also slightly learned to play peekaboo.

Likes: (1) Being sung to sleep. He absolutely adores "I am a Child of God" (2) Facetiming grandparents. He loves staring at our laptop screens whenever we are talking with Alex's parents. We wish they weren't so far away, but fingers crossed they'll be able to make it down for Christmas time. (3) He loves when we talk to him in a really deep, loud voice. Especially when I say "Supreme Thursday". Don't know why it entertains him so much. His reaction is hilarious!

Dislikes: Being itchy. The only time his eczema bothers him is when he is sleepy. We know he is tired when he starts to scratch at his chest.

Other: Like I said previously, his eczema came back a few weeks ago. Luckily we found a product that has done wonders and is all natural. I'm planning on doing a full post/review on the product in the next couple weeks.

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