There are days when I forget that this family is actually my family. I can not express how blessed I am to have an incredible husband by my side and sweetest baby to call son. Some days can be a pain, some days can be long, but most days are the greatest, most fulfilling days. This past weekend we were able to watch General Conference as a family, and there is one quote in particular that I have seen over and over again on social media that really hits me every time I read it. 
"No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love  a devoted mother has for her child." - Elder Jeffrey R Holland
Every single word that came from Elder Holland's talk struck me deep to the core. His message was uplifting and encouraging. Instead of judging my capability as a mother, I find myself being a little kinder to myself.

With all that being said, the past couple days have been a little rough with both Calvin and I battling a cold. There has been very little sleep which make the days very long. It's been a PJs, no makeup, greasy hair in a bun kind of days. I hate how sometimes I loose my patience on things that aren't even that demanding. Little by little I'm working on becoming more loving and not setting expectations for myself. At first the "selfless" part of motherhood was a hard thing for me to acquire. But over the past few months I've slowly been able to put away my wants for Calvin's needs.

I just want to love him and savour this time in his life as much as I can. 


  1. such a cute & sweet little post, i know this feeling all too well!

  2. CUTEST BABY!! love your words about general conference. I am not a mom but reading these types of words is very inspiring to me. thanks for sharing.


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