Age: 6 months!!

Weight: We'll know this week when we go for his doctor's appointment. My guess is 20 pounds.

Sleeping: About 2 weeks ago he started getting in the habit of waking up in between 5-6:30 am to feed. No matter what time we put him to bed he always wake up at that time. He goes right back to sleep for another couple hours, so we aren't suffering from it which is nice.

Baby Development: He finally rolled over on Friday October 2nd. Seriously absolutely adorable. Teething is still going on strong, but still no teeth just yet. He can almost sit up unassisted.

Likes: (1) His excersaucer, (2) Broadway music, he's really loving The Lion King right now, (3) lounging on my nursing pillow on the couch, (4) "The Calvin Dance", there is a particular thing Alex and I do with our hands and we prance around him and he absolutely loves it, it's quite a strange little dance hence the name, (5) Looking at himself when we FaceTime Grandma and Grandpa, (6) Sammy's tail, a couple days ago Sammy was hitting Calvin in the face with his tail and Calvin was laughing uncontrollably, (7) Being lifted up in the air.

Dislikes: I'm not saying my baby is the most perfect happy baby, but he doesn't really have any dislikes. Other than gas, and teething nothing really makes him upset.

Other: Fall has always been my favourite season, and dressing him in layers is killing me. Since he is now fitting in 12 month clothing he literally looks like a little man. Melts my heart everyday. We've also just ordered his new car seat. Can't wait for him to have more space when we travel.


  1. I'm going to eat him. For breakfast lunch and dinner. There is enough if him to do that.

  2. He is soooooo cute!! I can't get enough of his cute little fall outfits.


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